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The drawing used in the following Step-by-Step exercise on creating a default rendering, ab25-a.dwg, is in the Drawings folder of the AutoCAD 2002 Bible CD-ROM.
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Step-by-Step: Creating a Default Rendering
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1. Open ab25-a.dwg from the CD-ROM. 2. Save the file as ab25-1.dwg in your AutoCAD Bible folder. If the Render toolbar is not displayed, right-click any toolbar and choose Render. 3. Choose Render from the Render toolbar. In the Rendering Procedures section, check Crop Window. In the Rendering Options section, check Render Cache.
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4. Click Render. 5. At the Pick crop window to render: prompt, pick a window similar to that shown in Figure 25-4. Wait until AutoCAD renders the drawing. 6. Save your drawing. It should look like Figure 25-4. As you can see, the rendering is too dark and the objects need realistic materials.
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Figure 25-4: An initial rendering using default options and a crop window
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25 Rendering in 3D
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Creating Lights
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When you render using the default options, AutoCAD uses one light source from behind the viewer, which falls on the objects in the view. However, that is rarely enough nor is it realistic. AutoCAD offers four types of lights to give you a great deal of flexibility in creating a realistic scene. If you plan to cast shadows in your rendering, the proper placement of lights is most important. To create lights, choose Lights from the Render toolbar to open the Lights dialog box, shown in Figure 25-5.
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Figure 25-5: The Lights dialog box
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Assigning color to a light
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The process of assigning a color to a light applies to all types of lights. Light colors are somewhat different from pigment colors, which are more familiar. You know that there are three primary colors red, yellow, and blue and you know what colors you get when you mix them. The three primary light colors are red, green, and blue. Their mixtures are different as well for example, red and green make yellow. White light is the sum of all colors of light together. Black is the absence of any colors of light. In addition to the RGB light color system there is the HLS (hue, lightness, saturation) system. Instead of mixing primary colors, you choose the color from a range of hues and then vary its lightness (brightness) and saturation (intensity). You have three options for choosing a color for a light: RGB: The RGB (red-green-blue) system enables you to define colors by the amount of each primary light color. You can use the slider bars or type in a number from 0 to 1. When all three are set to 1, you get white light, the default.
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Part IV Drawing in Three Dimensions
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Windows: Choose Select Custom Color to open the Windows Color dialog box, which lets you select colors either by an RGB or an HLS system. An HLS system determines color by hue, lightness, and saturation settings. Hue is the color. Lightness or brightness is the amount of white the color contains. Saturation is the amount of black the color contains. ACI: Choose Select from ACI to use the AutoCAD Color Index system. AutoCAD opens the Select Color dialog box so you can choose a color.
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In most cases, white light is fine. You can get some unexpected results when using colored lights on colored objects.
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Setting the North location
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Click North Location to set which direction is north. Setting the North location is important if you want to use the Sun Angle Calculator to create a distant light and if you will create shadows. By default, north is the positive Y direction in the World Coordinate System. To change it, type a new angle in the Angle box, use the slider bar, or click the clock face to specify the new angle. The positive Y axis is at 0 degrees, the positive X axis is at 90 degrees, and so on clockwise. If you have saved a UCS, you can choose it from the list on the right side. AutoCAD uses the Y axis in that UCS as the default North direction.
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