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Creating a new drawing from a template Opening a drawing with default settings Opening an existing drawing Using an existing drawing as a prototype Saving a drawing with a new name
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Creating a New Drawing from a Template
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A template is a special file that contains settings and possibly objects (such as a title block). When you use a template as the basis for a new drawing, the drawing takes on all the settings and objects contained in the template. Use templates to avoid re-creating settings and redrawing objects for new drawings. AutoCAD comes with many templates that you can use as is or customize. You can also create your own templates. To create a new drawing based on a template, click the Create Drawings tab in AutoCAD Today. From the Select how to begin drop-down box, choose Template. AutoCAD lists all the available templates, as shown in Figure 2-1. The list first displays recently used templates and then templates in alphabetical order. Click the arrows at the left of the listing to open and close the listings. Note that the number next to each heading indicates the number of files in that category. The first template in the list under the letter A is ACAD -Named Plot Styles.dwt. The second is acad.dwt. Acad is an abbreviation for AutoCAD. Pass your mouse cursor over any template to see its preview, if available. Click a template to create a new drawing based on that template. Because AutoCAD opens with
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Part I AutoCAD Basics
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Drawing1.dwg, the new drawing is named Drawing2.dwg. Subsequent drawings that you open are named Drawing3.dwg and so on. When you save and name your drawing, the original template file is unaffected.
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Figure 2-1: Using the Template option to create a drawing
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The first template name, ACAD -Named Plot Styles.dwt, refers to named plot styles, which are covered in 17. Although many of the exercises in this book use this template, for the exercises until that chapter, you can also use acad.dwt.
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Step-by-Step: Opening a Drawing Based on ACAD -Named Plot Styles.dwt
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1. Start AutoCAD. 2. From the AutoCAD Today window, click the Create Drawings tab. 3. From the Select how to begin drop-down list, choose Template. 4. If necessary, click A to expand the list of templates beginning with the letter a. 5. Choose ACAD -Named Plot Styles.dwt from the list. You now have a blank drawing called Drawing2.dwg, as shown in Figure 2-2.
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Working with Templates
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A template contains ready-made settings to get you started drawing quickly. These settings include the size of the drawing (called limits), the unit type (such as decimal or feet and inches), and others. An important part of setting standards in an office where people work together on drawings is the creation of a template so that all users work with an identical setup. A template may contain more than just settings it often contains a complete title block, for example, and may include boilerplate (standardized) text as well.
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2 Opening a Drawing
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Figure 2-2: When you create a drawing based on a template, AutoCAD opens a drawing called Drawing2.dwg.
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Customizing the default template
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To customize ACAD -Named Plot Styles.dwt or acad.dwt, follow these steps: 1. Open a drawing based on the template as described in the previous section. 2. Make any changes you wish. 3. Click Save on the Standard toolbar. 4. In the Save Drawing As dialog box, click the Files of type drop-down list box. Choose AutoCAD Drawing Template File (*.dwt). In the list of template files, choose the template you want to customize. Click Save. 5. When asked if you want to replace it, click Yes. 6. In the Template Description dialog box, revise the description as you like and click OK. Without templates, you would have to set up your drawing each time you start a drawing a time-consuming project. The use of templates over time saves hours of work and improves consistency.
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