Specifying 3D Coordinates in .NET

Develop GTIN - 12 in .NET Specifying 3D Coordinates
21 Specifying 3D Coordinates
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Figure 21-10: A wireframe model of a chair
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Creating 3D polylines
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You have already created 3D lines by specifying 3D coordinates for the endpoints. The LINE command is a true 3D command because it accepts 3D coordinates. However, many commands cannot accept 3D coordinates. For example, you cannot place the center of a circle on one Z coordinate and the circumference on another. The whole circle must be on the same XY plane. Later in this chapter, I explain how to change the UCS to get around this restriction. This doesn t mean that you don t use circles in 3D work. You can always create a circle in one XY plane and then use that circle as a base for a cylinder, for example. The point is that the CIRCLE command itself is only a 2D command. One command that has a 3D counterpart is PLINE. The 3D command is called 3DPOLY. The 3DPOLY command is like the PLINE command with a few differences: You cannot draw arcs. You cannot give the polyline a width. You cannot use a noncontinuous linetype. The 3DPOLY command can accept all 3D coordinates. You can also edit it with the PEDIT command, although there are fewer options.
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If you want to create curved shapes in 3D space, you can create 2D polylines with a width and then add a thickness and an elevation. Elevation and thickness are both explained in the next section.
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Part IV Drawing in Three Dimensions
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Using Elevation and Thickness
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Wireframes have a number of limitations. In Figure 21-10, the chair you drew in the previous exercise, you can see the back leg through the seat of the chair. Also, creating the detail of a real chair would be tedious if you were to use individual lines or 3D polylines. Finally, wireframes don t have any surface or solid properties. You can t display them in any realistic fashion or calculate properties such as area, mass, and so on.
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Creating surfaces with thickness
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You can create simple surfaces by adding thickness to 2D objects. When you add thickness to a 2D object, AutoCAD pushes it out into the third dimension. For example, a circle becomes a cylinder and a rectangle becomes a box. Remember that you won t see the thickness if you re looking at the object from the top. Figure 21-11 shows some objects created using thickness.
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Figure 21-11: 3D surfaces created by adding thickness to 2D objects
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Surfaces created by adding thickness are sometimes called 21 2 D objects. Although they have three dimensions, the third dimension can only be a straight side perpendicular to the 2D object at the base. The parallel lines on the cylinder are called tessellation lines. AutoCAD uses them to help you visualize curved surfaces. They are not actually part of the cylinder you cannot use object snaps on them, for example. To add thickness to an existing 2D object, choose Properties on the Standard toolbar and select the object. (You can also select the object first.) In the Properties window, click the Thickness property and change the number in the Thickness text box. Press Enter.
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21 Specifying 3D Coordinates
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You can also change the current thickness. The current thickness affects new objects as you draw them, but not existing objects. There are two ways to change the current thickness: Choose Properties on the Standard toolbar with no object selected. Click the Thickness property and type a value in the text box. Press Enter. Use the ELEV command (which also changes the current elevation, discussed in the next section) by typing it on the command line. The ELEV command prompts you for the current elevation and the current thickness. To change the current thickness, type a number and press Enter. In most cases, you use a positive number, which extrudes objects in the positive direction of the Z axis. However, you can use a negative number to extrude objects in the negative direction of the Z axis. Once you change the current thickness, all objects you draw have that thickness.
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Because it is easy to forget the current thickness, unless you are drawing a number of objects with the same thickness, it is usually safer to draw objects with no thickness and then change the thickness. If you do change the current thickness, don t forget to change it back to zero when you are finished creating the 3D objects.
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