Part III Working with Data in .NET

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Part III Working with Data
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Figure 20-23: Use the Link Select dialog box to create combined selection sets of objects from queries and/or direct selection in your drawing.
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Working with Query Files
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You can store, edit, rename, and delete queries. You can also import and export them for use by others. To use ASE links created in Releases 13 and 14, you need to convert them to AutoCAD 2000/2002 format.
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Storing queries
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As I discussed previously, you can store a query by clicking Store on any tab. Stored queries are displayed under the drawing in the dbConnect window. To execute a stored query, choose dbConnect Queries Execute Query. Choose the query you want to execute and click OK. It helps if the queries have names that meaningfully relate to the query. You can also edit a query. Choose dbConnect Queries Edit Query. Choose the query and click Continue. In the query Editor, make the desired changes and choose Store. To rename a query, click it in the dbConnect window. Click it again to display an edit box. You can now edit the query s name. Remember that you have to name the query up front. If you re not sure what the query will consist of, use the default name, construct your query, and then rename it to something more meaningful afterward.
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20 Working with External Databases
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To delete a query, choose dbConnect Queries Delete Query. Choose the query or queries and click OK.
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Importing and exporting queries
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To export a query that has been saved (by clicking Store in the Query Editor), choose dbConnect Queries Export Query Set. In the Export Query Set dialog box, navigate to the desired folder and choose a name. Click Save. By default, AutoCAD saves queries in the Data Links subfolder of the AutoCAD 2002 folder. Queries have a .dbq file name extension. To import a query that has been exported and named, choose dbConnect Queries Import Query Set. You need to know the name and location of the .dbq file. In the Import Query Set dialog box, locate the file and click Open. If your drawing already contains a query with the same name, AutoCAD 2002 adds a number to the name of the query so it has a unique name. This can easily occur because AutoCAD 2002 assigns default names to queries.
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Converting prior release links to AutoCAD 2002 format
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The link format changed with AutoCAD 2000; therefore, if you are upgrading from Release 14 or earlier, you need to convert your old links before you can use them. You will need to collect the necessary information first. Read through the steps to see what you will need. Figure 20-24 shows the dialog box as it appears when you choose to convert R13/R14 links. Follow these steps: 1. Choose dbConnect Link Conversion. 2. Choose either R13/R14 or R12 Link Format. 3. Complete the entire top section of the dialog box. For R13/R14, you need the environment, catalog, schema, table, and link path name. For R12, you need the DBMS, the database, and the table. 4. Complete the entire New Link Format section the Data Source, Catalog, Schema, Table, and Link Template. This section offers drop-down lists so you can choose from a list. 5. Click OK. 6. In AutoCAD 2002, open the drawing that contains the links you want to convert and save it.
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Part III Working with Data
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Figure 20-24: The Link Conversion dialog box
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Using external databases to store data about drawing objects can reduce the size of drawings, simplify reporting, make data accessible to all users on a network, and enable you to edit a database from inside AutoCAD. The AutoCAD database connectivity feature involves configuring the data source, connecting a table to your drawing, and creating links between drawing objects and rows in the database. You can also create labels containing information from the database. You can create SQL queries to refine the data you view. Link Select enables you to use queries and direct object selection to create combined selection sets. You can store queries and save them to a file for use by others. If you have links from prior releases, you should convert them to AutoCAD 2000/2002 format. This chapter ends Part III, Working with Data. In Part IV, you start to draw in three dimensions.
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