Working with External Databases in .NET

Compose upc barcodes in .NET Working with External Databases
20 Working with External Databases
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Queries are case sensitive. A value of B is not the same as b. You need to be aware of the case used in your database. Some databases are all uppercase, making it easy to specify values. Just turn on CAPS LOCK and type away.
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Choose Indicate Records in Data View and/or Indicate Objects in Drawing. By default, both are checked. To save the query for future use, click Store. Click Execute to see the results. To return to the Query Editor, choose Return to Query on the Data View window toolbar. Table 20-2 lists the available operators.
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Table 20-2 Query Operators
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Operator Equal (=) Not equal (<>) Greater than (>) Less than (<) Greater than or equal (>=) Less than or equal (<=) Like In Description Records that match the value exactly. All records except those that match the value exactly. Records greater than the value. Includes text. For example, D is greater than B. Records less than the value. Records that are greater than or match exactly the value. Records that are less than or match exactly the value. Records that contain the value. You must use the % wildcard (which is like the * wildcard used in Windows). Records that match the values you specify. You list the values, separated by a comma. For example, you could find records for which the field DWG_SIZE is B or D by typing B,D in the value box. Records that have no value. The value box is unavailable. You can use this to find missing data. Records that have a value. You can use this to remove from view all records with missing data.
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Using the Range Query tab
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The Range Query tab, shown in Figure 20-20, enables you to find records based on one field and a range of values. For example, you can find all records where the field DWG_SIZE ranges from B to D. The range can be either textual or numeric.
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Part III Working with Data
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To construct a range query, choose a field from the Fields list. Then type the beginning value of the range in the From box and the ending value of the range in the Through box. In both cases, you can click Look up values to choose from a list. Click Store to save the query. Click Execute to execute the query.
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Figure 20-20: Use the Range Query tab to find records that match a range of values.
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Using the Query Building tab
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The Query Builder enables you to create multiple criteria. For example, you can create a query that finds records where the field DWG_SIZE ranges from B to D and the field PART_NO is greater than 9029-072-001. In order to build the criteria, you use Boolean operators and parenthetical grouping. This tab also enables you to specify which fields will appear in the Data View window and to sort the records. Using all these options offers a great deal of flexibility to create a complex query without knowing SQL. Here s how it works: And operator: Displays the records that meet both the criteria before and after the And operator. Or operator: Displays records that meet either of the criteria before and after the Or operator. Parenthetical grouping: Enables you to group sets of criteria. For example, you can group two criteria that use an And operator and a second group of two criteria that use an And operator. Then you can put an Or operator between the two groups. Figure 20-21 shows an example of a query using all three elements.
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20 Working with External Databases
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Figure 20-21: Use the Query Builder tab to design a query with multiple criteria.
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Building a query with multiple criteria
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To create a query using multiple criteria, follow these steps: 1. On the first line, choose a field from the Field column. (When you click the first cell in the Field column, a drop-down arrow appears.) 2. Choose an Operator from the Operator column. 3. Type a value in the Value cell. (An ellipsis button appears, and you can choose from all the values in the database.) 4. Click in the Logical cell to insert the And operator. Clicking again changes the operator to Or. 5. Move to the second line and create the next row of criteria. Continue until you have specified all the criteria you want. 6. Add parenthetical grouping. Click to the left of the Field column of a row to insert a left parenthesis and between the Value and Logical columns to insert a right parenthesis. Continue to insert all the parentheses you need. You can t insert parentheses until you have enough rows defined for a parenthesis to make sense. 7. Click Store to save the query. Click Execute to execute the Query.
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