Step-by-Step: Creating a Label Template and a Label in .NET

Attach GS1 - 12 in .NET Step-by-Step: Creating a Label Template and a Label
Step-by-Step: Creating a Label Template and a Label
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1. Continue with ab20-1.dwg from the previous exercise. The Data View window should still be open. Press Esc to make sure no objects are still selected. 2. Choose dbConnect Templates New Label Template. 3. In the Select a Database Object dialog box, click Continue. 4. In the New Label Template dialog box, click Continue to use the default name. 5. In the Label Template dialog box, click the Label Fields tab. Choose PART_NO from the Field drop-down list. Click Add. 6. Choose DESCRIPTION from the Field drop-down list and click Add. 7. Click the Label Offset tab. In the Start drop-down list, choose Top Left. Set the Leader offset X and Y values to 2. 8. Click the Character tab. Select all the text and change the height to 5 16. 9. Click OK. 10. Choose Data View Link and Label Settings Create Attached Labels. 11. Choose Data View Link!
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20 Working with External Databases
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12. At the Select objects: prompt, choose the horizontal line marked at the top of the angle that you linked in previous exercise. Press Enter to end object selection. AutoCAD automatically places the label. 13. The label covers existing objects. Pick the text of the label, and then click its grip. Move the text to the left and pick a better location. The leader automatically changes direction and ends at the left side. 14. Save your drawing. Leave it open for the next Step-by-Step exercise.
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Querying with the Query Editor
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You can use SQL (Structured Query Language) statements to gather more information about the elements in the drawing and database files. SQL (pronounced sequel or by its letters) is the language used by almost all database management systems for refining the information you get from a database. AutoCAD uses the Query Editor to enable you to design queries. For example, you can do the following: Query the contents of a database to view a specified subset of the data View a subset of records that falls into a certain range of values Access all the tables in one data source with a series of SQL commands In addition, the Link Select dialog box enables you to create a selection set of objects by combining SQL queries and direct selection of objects in your drawing. To open the Query Editor, follow these steps: 1. Choose dbConnect Queries New Query on a Link Template. 2. In the Select a Database Object dialog box, choose the link template you want to use and click Continue. 3. In the New Query dialog box (shown in Figure 20-18), type a name for the new query or accept the name AutoCAD supplies. To base a query on an existing query, choose an existing query from the drop-down list. Click Continue. AutoCAD opens the Query Editor, shown in Figure 20-19. The Query Editor is designed to provide something for everyone whether you re just starting out or are an expert at SQL. At any time you can clear the Query Editor to restore the original view in the Data View window. Click the Query Builder tab and right-click any used cell. Choose Clear Grid. Click Yes at the warning message. Then click Execute. You can also close the Data View window and then reopen it from the dbConnect window.
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Part III Working with Data
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Figure 20-18: The New Query dialog box
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Figure 20-19: The Query Editor s four tabs enable you to build queries to refine how you view your database.
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Using the Quick Query tab
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Use the Quick Query tab to create simple queries based on one field, an operator, and a single value. For example, you can create a query that finds all records from the current table where the field DWG_SIZE equals E. You can also find all records where DWG_SIZE does not equal E. The advantage to using Quick Query over the Find dialog box, described earlier in this chapter, is that Quick Query displays all the records matching the query and hides the rest. You don t have to click Find Next to move from record to record. From the Field box, choose a field. In the Operator drop-down box, choose an operator, such as equal (=) or greater than (>). In the Value box, type a value for the field. If you re not sure what values are available, click Look Up Values. (This can be slow in a large database or when you are working with a database across a busy network.)
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