Figure 20-10: The New Link Template dialog box in .NET

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Figure 20-10: The New Link Template dialog box
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4. In the Link Template dialog box, check a key field. If the key field you choose contains any duplicate rows, you should choose a second key field. 5. Click OK. AutoCAD creates the link template, which is added to the dbConnect window beneath the current drawing. You are now ready to link data with drawing objects. If the structure of your database changes dramatically, you may need to edit a link template. For example, a field that contained no duplicate entries might now contain some. Other changes requiring a change in the template would be a change in the name or length of a field. To edit a link template, first connect to the desired database table. Then choose dbConnect Templates Edit Link Template. In the Select a Database Object dialog box, choose a link template. Click Continue. Check one (or more) of the key fields and click OK. You can also delete a link template by choosing dbConnect Templates Delete Link Template. This exercise requires that you have completed the previous exercises in this chapter.
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20 Working with External Databases
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Step-by-Step: Creating a Link Template
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1. Continue with ab20-1.dwg from the previous exercise. In the dbConnect window, right-click PART NO and choose Edit Table to open the Data Table window. 2. Choose dbConnect Templates New Link Template. 3. Select the PART_NO table and click Continue. 4. In the New Link Template dialog box, use AutoCAD s suggested name, PART_NO_Link1. Click Continue. 5. In the Link Template dialog box, check PART_NO. This column contains no duplicate rows. 6. Click OK to return to the drawing. You see the new link template with a chainlink icon in the dbConnect window just under the name of the open drawing. 7. Save your drawing. Leave it open to continue with the next exercise. You are now ready to link drawing objects to your database.
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Creating a link
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You can link a drawing object to as many records in a database as you want, and you can link one database record to several drawing objects. For example, you may want to link a record containing part number information to the part in the drawing. However, that part may be made up of a number of objects, such as lines, arcs, and circles. You can link the record to all those objects in your drawing that make up the part. On the other hand, if you have a database of office equipment, you may attach a row representing telephone numbers and telephones to an object in your drawing representing a phone. But if someone has a two-line phone, you may need to attach two rows to that one telephone object in your drawing. Here s how to create a link: 1. Open a Data View window that has a defined link template and choose a link template from the Select a Link Template drop-down list at the top of the window. 2. Select one or more records you want to link to your drawing. 3. Choose Data View Link and Label Settings Create Links. 4. Choose Data View Link! 5. AutoCAD returns you to your drawing. Select one or more objects and press Enter to end object selection. AutoCAD provides a message on the command line, for example: 1 Record(s) linked with 1 Object(s). You now have a link between your data and your drawing.
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Part III Working with Data
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If you create a link between a drawing object and a row and in a later session of AutoCAD edit that object without connecting to the database table, the link information may become corrupted.
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You can delete a link by selecting a linked object and right-clicking in the drawing area. From the shortcut menu, choose Link Delete Link.
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