Figure 20-7: The Find dialog box in .NET

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Figure 20-7: The Find dialog box
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3. In the Find what box, type a value (text, numbers, or a combination). Choose to search either Up (from the selected cell to the first record) or Down (from the selected cell to the last record). If desired, choose Match case. Then click Find Next to find the next instance of the value. Continue to click Find Next to move to the next matching record. If you wish, you can copy your formatting, including sorting, to the clipboard and paste it into your DBMS. To do this, select the records you want to export. To export the entire database, click the grid header. Then right-click any cell and choose Copy. Open your DBMS and click Paste from the Standard toolbar. In the following Step-by-Step exercise, you practice using the Data View window.
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Step-by-Step: Working with the Data View Window
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1. Ab20-1.dwg should still be open from the previous exercise. If there s a plus sign next to ab20-prt, click it to display the PART NO table. The dbConnect window should look similar to Figure 20-8.
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Figure 20-8: Displaying a database table in the dbConnect Manager window
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20 Working with External Databases
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2. Right-click the table icon and choose Edit Table. The Data View window opens. (You may have to wait briefly.) 3. From the menu, choose Data View Format. (A new Data View menu item has appeared.) In the Format dialog box, choose Arial as the font and 10 as the font size. Click OK. 4. The columns are too wide and you can t see all the columns. Drag the grid line to the right of the PART_NO column and drag it to the left so that the width of the column just fits the width of the part numbers. Do the same with the other columns. To access the right grid line of the last column (UNITS), expand the right side of the entire window. Then resize the UNITS column and shrink the Data View window to fit. 5. Right-click the PART_NO column s header and choose Align Right to rightalign the first column. Your Data View table should look like Figure 20-9.
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Figure 20-9: The Data View table after some formatting
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6. To practice moving around the table, click the right-most arrow (to the left of the horizontal scrollbar) to move to the last record. Use the vertical scrollbar to scroll through the database and get an idea of its contents. Click any cell. Click a row header to select an entire row. Click a column header to select an entire column. 7. To sort the records by description and help you find all the angles, right-click the DESCRIPTION column header and choose Sort. In the Sort dialog box, choose DESCRIPTION from the Sort By drop-down box and then click Ascending (if it s not already selected). Because there are a number of duplicate records in the DESCRIPTION column, choose PART_NO in the Then By drop-down box,
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Part III Working with Data
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which should also be sorted in ascending order. Click OK. AutoCAD sorts the data by description, and then by part number. 8. Say that you want to find part number 9003-242-001. Right-click the top cell in the PART_NO column. Choose Find. In the Find dialog box, type 9003-242-001 and choose Down in the Direction section. Click Find Next. AutoCAD highlights the cell containing that part number. 9. Close the Find dialog box and save your drawing. Keep it open for the next exercise.
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Editing data in the Data View window
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Once you have opened your data in edit mode, you can easily edit the data. You can change the value of any record. You can add or delete records to reflect new or deleted objects in your drawing. Changing a record is as simple as selecting a cell and typing a new value in the cell. To add a new record, right-click any record (row) header and choose Add New Record. AutoCAD opens up a space for a new record at the end of the list of records. Type the data for the new record, tabbing from column to column. (You can also use the right-arrow key to move to the next column.) To delete a record, click the record header of the record you want to delete, selecting the entire record. Choose Delete record. You need to confirm the deletion twice in the dialog boxes that pop up.
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