Installing AutoCAD s database feature in .NET

Drawer UPC-A in .NET Installing AutoCAD s database feature
Installing AutoCAD s database feature
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Database connectivity is not part of the Typical AutoCAD installation. To use database connectivity you must either do a Full installation or a Custom installation. If you do a Custom installation, choose Database in the Custom Components dialog box.
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Part III Working with Data
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If you are not sure whether you installed the database feature, open the Tools menu. If you see a dbConnect menu item, you installed it. If you did not install database connectivity and wish to, follow these steps: 1. Insert the AutoCAD 2002 program CD-ROM in your CD-ROM drive. If the CD-ROM doesn t automatically run, choose Start Run and type the letter of your CD-ROM drive (for example, d) followed by :\Setup.exe. Click OK. 2. Choose Next in the first window. 3. In the second window, choose Add. 4. In the next window, check Database and click Next. 5. Continue to follow the onscreen instructions to install database connectivity.
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Organizing the database structure
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In order to connect to a database, you need to know the type of database management system that created the database and the structure of the database itself, along with the folders that contain that structure. In the next exercise, you create a simple structure for a Microsoft Access database table. In this chapter, you cannot do the later exercises without doing the previous ones. The later exercises depend on the setup and configuration you create in the earlier exercises. You should therefore leave enough time to do all the exercises in this chapter at one sitting perhaps an hour or two.
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On the CD-ROM
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The file used in the following Step-by-Step exercise on creating the structure for the database, ab20-prt.mdb, is in the Drawings folder of the AutoCAD 2002 Bible CD-ROM.
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Step-by-Step: Creating the Structure for the Database
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1. Right-click Start on the task bar. Choose Explore to open Windows Explorer. 2. If your AutoCAD Bible folder is not displayed in the Folders window, click the plus sign (+) next to the drive containing the AutoCAD Bible folder. 3. Click the AutoCAD Bible folder and choose File New Folder from the Explorer menu. A new folder appears in the right window, called New Folder. Type Databases to rename the folder. 4. If necessary, in the Folders window, click the plus sign to open the AutoCAD Bible folder. You should see the new Databases folder. (If not, press F5 to refresh the Explorer view.) 5. From the CD-ROM, copy ab20-prt.mdb to the Databases folder you just created. Be sure to choose the ab20-prt.mdb file, not the ab20-prt.xls file. The .mdb file is
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20 Working with External Databases
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a database of parts. Figure 20-1 shows this database as it appears when opened in Microsoft Access 97. 6. Because this file is coming from a CD-ROM, you need to change its read-only property. Still in Explorer, right-click ab20-prt.mdb and choose Properties from the menu. Uncheck Read-only and click OK. 7. Click the Close button of Explorer to close it.
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Figure 20-1: The Access database
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Thanks to Gary Morris of the Dexter Company, Fairfield, Iowa, for this database.
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Configuring a data source
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To start working with external databases, you must tell AutoCAD how to communicate with your database, called a data source. AutoCAD uses ODBC and OLE DB for this communication. AutoCAD provides a sample Microsoft Access file, called db_samples.mdb, in AutoCAD s \Sample folder, that you can work with to get started. First, you must install and configure the ODBC Data Source Administrator. To check if the ODBC Data Source Administrator is installed on your computer, open the Control Panel (Start Settings Control Panel). There should be an icon called ODBC Data Sources (32-bit), Data Sources (ODBC), or something similar.
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Part III Working with Data
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To check if you have the required drivers installed, double-click the ODBC icon. In the ODBC Data Sources Administrator dialog box you will see a list of database application drivers. Check to see that your database application is listed. A database driver contains information about how to connect to your database. If you don t have the ODBC 32-bit Administrator, you need to install the Microsoft ODBC Driver Pack. The ODBC Driver Pack 3.0 (or later) is free from Microsoft s Web site at install the ODBC file, copy it to a new folder, perhaps called ODBC. In Explorer, double-click the file to extract all the compressed files it contains. Now you have the ODBC Administrator. The instructions to set up the database vary according to the drivers you use. The AutoCAD online help contains help on all supported databases. Look in Help Help and click the Contents tab. Double-click Driver and Peripheral Guide and then Configure External Databases. Display the Create External Database Configurations topic. Click the Procedures tab and choose the link for your database. To set up your database using ODBC, follow these steps: 1. From the Windows task bar, choose Start Settings Control Panel. 2. Double-click the ODBC Data Sources icon. Windows opens the ODBC Data Source Administrator dialog box, shown in Figure 20-2. 3. Click the User DSN tab if it is not already displayed. Choose Add. 4. In the Create New Data Source dialog box, choose the driver appropriate for your database and click Finish.
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Figure 20-2: Use the ODBC Data Source Administrator dialog box, accessed from the ODBC icon in the Windows Control Panel, to choose a database driver to connect to your database.
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