Part III Working with Data in .NET

Deploy upc barcodes in .NET Part III Working with Data
Part III Working with Data
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You can transfer an object from the xref or block to the main drawing. Select an object and choose Remove objects to the Refedit working set. Remember that the working set consists of objects from the xref or block, so if you remove objects from the working set, they are no longer part of the xref or block; instead, they become part of your main drawing. When you have finished editing the working set, if you like what you did, choose Save back changes to reference from the Refedit toolbar. If not, choose Discard changes to reference. When you save changes to a block, block definitions are redefined and all instances of the block are regenerated according to the new definition. If you gave an xref object properties that don t exist in the xref, such as a layer, AutoCAD copies the new property to the xref so that the object can keep that property.
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On the CD-ROM
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The drawings used in the following Step-by-Step exercise on editing an xref in place, ab19-a.dwg and ab19-b.dwg, are in the Drawings folder of the AutoCAD 2002 Bible CD-ROM.
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Step-by-Step: Editing an Xref in Place
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1. Open ab19-a.dwg from the CD-ROM. Save it as ab19-3.dwg in your AutoCAD Bible folder. 2. Open ab19-b.dwg from the CD-ROM. Save it as ab19-4.dwg in your AutoCAD Bible folder. Click the Close box of ab19-4.dwg to close the drawing (but not AutoCAD), leaving ab19-3.dwg on your screen. 3. Choose Insert External Reference and choose ab19-4.dwg from the AutoCAD Bible folder. Click Open. From the External Reference dialog box, uncheck all the Specify On-screen checkboxes and click OK. AutoCAD inserts the xref. 4. Double-click the title block. AutoCAD opens the Reference Edit dialog box, with ab19-4.dwg selected and displayed in the preview box. Click OK. 5. At the Select nested objects: prompt, pick the title block, which is all one object. Press Enter to end selection. AutoCAD opens the Refedit toolbar. You can now edit the xref. Your screen should look like Figure 19-7. 6. Select the title block again and choose Explode. 7. Choose Draw Text Single Line Text. At the Specify start point of text or [Justify/Style]: prompt, pick 1 in Figure 19-7. At the Specify height <0 -0 3/16 >: prompt, type 10 . Press Enter again for the rotation angle. 8. Type Davis Floor Plan and press Enter twice to end the command. 9. Choose the text (the name and address of the architect) at the bottom of the title block and change its color to red to make it stand out. 10. Select the letter N and arrow symbol at 1 in Figure 19-7. To transfer these objects from the xref to the floor plan drawing, choose Remove (transfer) objects from working set from the Refedit toolbar.
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19 Referencing Other Drawings
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Figure 19-7: The title block is an xref in the drawing of the floor plan.
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11. To save the changes, choose Save back changes to reference. Click OK again at the dialog box that informs you that all reference edits will be saved. AutoCAD provides the following information on the command line:
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The following symbols will be permanently bound to the current drawing: Layers: $0$TITLEBLK Text Styles: $0$STANDARD, $0$ROMANS, $0$ROMAND Blocks: $0$KNTITL Regenerating model. 11 objects added to ab19-4 1 object removed from ab19-4 1 xref instance updated ab19-4 redefined and reloaded.
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12. Choose External Reference from the Reference toolbar. In the Xref Manager dialog box, select ab19-4.dwg and click Detach. (Detaching xrefs is covered later in this chapter.) Click OK. You can now see that ab19-3.dwg includes the North symbol and letter because they were removed from the xref. 13. To see the results of the editing on the xref, open ab19-4.dwg. You can see the changes in the title block text and that the North symbol and letter are gone. 14. Close both drawings, saving changes to ab19-3.dwg.
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