Referencing Other Drawings in .NET

Embed UPC Symbol in .NET Referencing Other Drawings
19 Referencing Other Drawings
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Figure 19-3: Tree view shows nested xrefs clearly.
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10. Save your drawing. It should look like Figure 19-4.
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Figure 19-4: The current drawing is blank but displays an xref of a house plan that has a nested xref of a title block.
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Editing an Xref within Your Drawing
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While you are working in a drawing with an external reference you may decide that the external reference needs some modification. The same may apply if you inserted a file as a block. In AutoCAD 2002, you can make changes to the xref or block and save those changes back to the original drawing. You can even transfer objects from your drawing to the xref or block and vice versa. AutoCAD calls this in-place editing.
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Part III Working with Data
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The steps to edit an xref or block are as follows: 1. Choose the xref or block in your drawing. 2. Choose from any nested xrefs. 3. Select the objects you want to edit to add them to the working set of objects being edited. 4. Edit the objects. 5. If desired, add or remove objects from the working set to transfer them to or from the xref or block. 6. Save the changes back to the xref or block.
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Choosing the xref or block to edit
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To start the process of in-place editing, double-click the xref you want to edit. AutoCAD opens the Reference Edit dialog box, shown in Figure 19-5.
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New Feature
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The capability to edit xrefs in place by double-clicking them is a new feature that first appeared in AutoCAD 2000i. You can also choose Modify In-place Xref and Block Edit Edit Reference and then select the xref you want to edit.
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Figure 19-5: The Reference Edit dialog box enables you to choose which reference you want to edit, including nested references.
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As you click each of the available references, its preview appears at the right. You can click Next to cycle through the references. You can also set the following options: Choose Enable unique layer and symbol names to display layer and other symbol names with a prefix of $#$, to help distinguish them from the layers and other named symbols in your main drawing.
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19 Referencing Other Drawings
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Choose Display attribute definitions for editing if you want to be able to edit attribute definitions of blocks with attributes. (See 18 for details on attributes.) Click OK to close the Reference Edit dialog box. 39 barcode implementationin .net
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If the references come from an earlier release, AutoCAD warns you that if you save your changes back to the xref, that xref will be updated to an AutoCAD2002 drawing.
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AutoCAD prompts you to select nested objects. Complete object selection to define the working set the objects you can edit. Other objects are faded by 50 percent (the default, determined by the XFADECTL system variable). AutoCAD displays the Refedit toolbar, shown in Figure 19-6, and the message Use REFCLOSE or the Refedit toolbar to end reference editing session. You are now ready to edit the xref or block.
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Add objects to Refedit working set Edit block or Xref Discard changes to reference
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Save back changes to reference Remove objects from the Refedit working set Figure 19-6: The Refedit toolbar
Editing the xref
There are several types of edits you can make on the working set of objects from the xref or block: If you change an object s properties, such as its layer, the object will have the new object property. If you erase an object, the object is deleted from the xref or block. If you draw a new object, the object is added to the xref or block. An exception is if you create a new object by editing objects outside the working set. For example, if you break a line (not in the working set) into two lines, nothing is added to the working set. You can transfer an object from the main drawing to the xref or block. Select an object and choose Add objects to the Refedit working set. Remember that the working set consists of objects from the xref or block, so if you add objects to the working set, they become part of the xref or block.