Drawing Complex Objects in .NET

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16 Drawing Complex Objects
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2. Press the pick button. AutoCAD responds with the <Pen down> message. You can now draw. 3. Without holding down the pick button, move the mouse or stylus to create the shape you want. SKETCH creates a temporary green line. 4. When you have finished, click the pick button again to see the <Pen up> message. 5. Move the mouse to the starting point of your next line or polyline. Continue in this manner until you have finished sketching. 6. Type r to record the sketch. AutoCAD tells you what you have created. The sketch changes to the color of the current layer and becomes permanent as shown in this example:
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4 polylines with 238 edges recorded.
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7. Type x to exit Sketch mode. Here are the other options: Quit: Quits Sketch mode without saving your sketch. The temporary line disappears. Erase: Erases temporary lines before you record them. Connect: Enables you to continue drawing from the end of the last sketch. Use this when the pen is up. Type c and move to the endpoint of the last temporary sketch. . (Period): Enables you to draw straight line segments from the endpoint of the last sketch. While the pen is up, type a period to add a line segment from the last endpoint to your current cursor position.
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On the CD-ROM
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The drawing used in the following Step-by-Step exercise on sketching, ab16i.dwg, is in the Drawings folder of the AutoCAD 2002 Bible CD-ROM.
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Step-by-Step: Sketching
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1. Open ab16-i.dwg from your CD-ROM. 2. Save the file as ab16-10.dwg in your AutoCAD Bible folder. It shows the front elevation of a house. You will add the sketched path and contours, as shown in Figure 16-48. 3. Type skpoly . Set SKPOLY to 1 and press Enter. 4. Type sketch . At the Record increment <0 -0 >: prompt, type 1 to set the record increment to 1". 5. At the Sketch. Pen eXit Quit Record Erase Connect: prompt, move the cursor to 1 in Figure 16-48. Click the pick button to put the pen down and draw the first line of the path. Click the pick button to put the pen up.
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Part II Drawing in Two Dimensions
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6. Use the same technique to draw the other lines in Figure 16-48. If you make a mistake, type q to quit and then start again. 7. When you are done, type r to record the lines. 8. Type x to end the SKETCH command. 9. Save your drawing.
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Figure 16-48: A sketched path and contours
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Digitizing Drawings with AutoCAD s TABLET Command
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In 3, I explained how you can use a digitizer to execute AutoCAD commands. One important use for a digitizer is to copy paper drawings into AutoCAD. Many companies have used this technique to copy old drawings that were drafted by hand so they could be edited using AutoCAD. Digitizing can also be used to copy artwork and logos into a drawing. To digitize a paper drawing, you use a special digitizing mode that turns the entire digitizer into a drawing tablet. To start the TABLET command, choose Tools Tablet and choose one of the options. If you have been using the digitizer to execute commands, you need to reconfigure it to eliminate the command areas and enlarge the drawing area. Use the Configure option of the TABLET command and reconfigure the digitizer for 0 tablet menus. Respecify the screen pointing area so that the fixed screen pointing area covers the entire digitizing area. Attach the paper drawing securely to the digitizer so it won t move as you work.
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16 Drawing Complex Objects
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To set up the digitizing mode, start the TABLET command and choose the Calibrate option. AutoCAD prompts you to pick two points on the paper drawing and specify which coordinates they represent. To do this you need to mark two points on the paper drawing take out a ruler and measure their distance. If the drawing has a title block, two corners of the title block are distinctive points to mark and measure. If the drawing is drawn to a scale and it probably is the coordinates you type should be the distance in real life, not the measurement. In other words, if the two horizontal points are 1 inch apart and 1 inch represents 48 inches (a scale of 1= 48), you could enter 0,0 for the first point and 48,0 for the second point. However, it is usually useful to choose points over a wider area of your drawing. You can calibrate more than two points if you wish.
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