Part II Drawing in Two Dimensions in .NET

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Part II Drawing in Two Dimensions
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Move Vertex: This works like the Edit vertex option of PEDIT, except that here AutoCAD displays the points as grips and highlights them. You can use Next and Previous suboptions, select any point to move, and pick a new location for the highlighted vertex. Refine: Enables you to refine the spline in three ways: Add control points. This doesn t change the shape of the spline, but AutoCAD adjusts nearby control points slightly. Elevate the order of the spline, which adds control points throughout the spline (but once you go up, you can t go down). Change the weight of any control point. This is like the gravity the control point exerts on the spline. Watch the spline inch toward the control point as you increase its weight. rEverse: Reverses the direction of the spline so that the start point becomes the endpoint and vice versa. Undo: Undoes the most recent edit operation. When you use the SPLINEDIT command and select a spline, you see control points, not fit points. In Figure 16-11, the grips indicate the control points.
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Fit point
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Control point Figure 16-11: When you choose the SPLINEDIT command and select a spline, the grips indicate the control points, which are not generally on the spline.
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If you choose the Fit Data option, AutoCAD responds with the Enter a fit data option [Add/Close/Delete/Move/Purge/Tangents/toLerance/eXit] <eXit>: prompt. Descriptions of these options follow: Add: Adds fit data points to the curve. AutoCAD asks you to select a point and then automatically selects the next point as well, shown with highlighted grips. AutoCAD then prompts you for a new point, which must be between the two highlighted points. AutoCAD reshapes the spline accordingly.
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16 Drawing Complex Objects
Open/Close: Opens or closes the spline using the fit points. Delete: Deletes a selected fit point. Move: Moves a fit point. You can use the Next or Previous suboptions or the Select point option to select the point you want to move. Selected points appear as highlighted grips. AutoCAD prompts you for the new fit point location. You can also use grips to edit fit points. Purge: Deletes fit point information. Tangents: Enables you to specify start and end tangents of open splines, or one tangent for closed splines. You can let AutoCAD calculate a default tangent. toLerance: Enables you to specify the tolerance, which determines how closely the spline comes to the fit points. eXit: Exits the suboption menu.
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You can also use SPLINEDIT to edit 3D splines.
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When you use SPLINEDIT and choose the Fit Data option, the grips appear on the fit points so you can edit them, as shown in Figure 16-12.
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Figure 16-12: When you use the Fit Data option of the SPLINEDIT command, the grips appear on the fit points.
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You can edit a spline in the Properties window. It works similarly to editing a polyline. You can choose the fits points or the control points and change them.
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On the CD-ROM
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The drawing used in the following Step-by-Step exercise on editing splines, ab16-3.dwg, is in the Results folder of the AutoCAD 2002 Bible CD-ROM.
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Part II Drawing in Two Dimensions
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Step-by-Step: Editing Splines
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1. Open ab16-3.dwg from the Results folder of your CD-ROM. If you did the previous exercise, you can open it from your AutoCAD Bible folder. 2. Save the file as ab16-4.dwg in your AutoCAD Bible folder. 3. If necessary, use ZOOM Window to zoom in to the area shown in Figure 16-13. 4. Use the MOVE command to move the S-EDGE-DR marker up and to the left slightly. You may find it helpful to turn off OSNAP. 5. Choose Modify Object Spline. At the Select spline: prompt, choose the spline that makes up the south edge of the drive. Note that the grips appear on the control points, which are different than the original points you selected to create the spline in the previous exercise. Follow the prompts:
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Enter an option [Fit data/Close/Move vertex/Refine/rEverse/ Undo]: Right-click and choose Fit data to edit the fit points. The grips move to the fit points. Enter a fit data option [Add/Close/Delete/Move/Purge/ Tangents/toLerance/eXit] <eXit>: Right-click and choose Move to move a fit point. Specify new location or [Next/Previous/Select point/eXit] <N>: Right-click and choose Select Point to select a point. Specify control point<exit>: Pick the fit point nearest the S-EDGE-DR marker you moved. AutoCAD highlights the grip. Specify new location or [Next/Previous/Select point/eXit] <N>: Use an insert object snap to pick the S-EDGE-DR marker.
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