Drawing Dimensions in .NET

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14 Drawing Dimensions
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On the CD-ROM
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The drawing used in the following Step-by-Step exercise on drawing ordinate dimensions, ab14-d.dwg, is in the Drawings folder of the AutoCAD 2002 Bible CD-ROM.
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Step-by-Step: Drawing Ordinate Dimensions
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1. Open ab14-d.dwg from your CD-ROM. 2. Save the file as ab14-6.dwg in your AutoCAD Bible folder. This drawing shows a simple sheet metal template, as shown in Figure 14-24. Snap should be on. Set a snap distance of 0.25 units. Right-click the SNAP button on the status bar and make sure that grid snap is on. If the Dimension toolbar isn t visible, right-click any toolbar and check Dimension.
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1 Figure 14-24: A sheet metal template
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3. Choose Tools Move UCS. At the Origin point <0,0,0>: prompt, pick 1 in Figure 14-24. 4. Choose Ordinate Dimension from the Dimension toolbar. At the Specify feature location: prompt, choose 1 in Figure 14-24. At the Specify leader endpoint or [Xdatum/Ydatum/Mtext/Text/Angle]: prompt, pick a point 0.5 units to the left of 1, as shown in Figure 14-25. (Because Snap is on, this is easy. If necessary, press F6 until you get polar coordinates to display in the lower-left area of the drawing screen.)
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5. Repeat the DIMORDINATE command. At the Specify feature location: prompt, choose 1 in Figure 14-24. At the Specify leader endpoint or [Xdatum/Ydatum/Mtext/Text/Angle]: prompt, pick a point 0.5 units below 1. 6. Continue to dimension the drawing, using Figure 14-25 as a guide. (Tip: Type multiple dimordinate so that AutoCAD automatically repeats the command. Press Esc when you no longer need the command.) 7. Save your drawing.
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Part II Drawing in Two Dimensions
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Figure 14-25: The dimensioned template
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Drawing Leaders
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Leaders are lines pointing to objects. At the end of a leader, you place any text you want. Use leaders to label objects or provide explanatory text. Leaders are not associative; that is, no dimension text is calculated by AutoCAD. Figure 14-26 shows a good use of a leader.
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Figure 14-26: Using leaders to point to objects and add explanatory text
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The QLEADER command, available since Release 2000, provides a simple, easy-touse method of creating leaders. The Leader Settings dialog box lets you specify how you want your leaders to appear. The old LEADER command is still available from the command line. To create a leader, choose Quick Leader from the Dimension toolbar. At the Specify first leader point, or [Settings]<Settings>: prompt, if you want to specify the leader settings, press Enter or right-click and choose Settings to open the Leader Settings dialog box.
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14 Drawing Dimensions
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Using the Leader Settings dialog box
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The Leader Settings dialog box is shown in Figure 14-27 with the Annotation tab displayed. Here you customize how you want your leaders to work so that when you actually create them, they automatically look the way you want. These settings determine what prompts you see after you specify all the points of the leader. You can always change these settings at the first prompt of the QLEADER command.
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Figure 14-27: The Annotation tab of the Leader Settings dialog box
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The Annotation tab
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The annotation tab includes settings relating to what goes at the end of the leader. In the Annotation Type section of the dialog box, choose the type of annotation: The default is MText, which creates multiline text. Choose Copy an Object to have the QLEADER command prompt you to copy an existing object in your drawing single line text, multiline text, a block, or a tolerance. If you choose Tolerance, QLEADER opens the Tolerance dialog box so that you can create a tolerance control frame. Control frames are covered in the next chapter. Choose Block Reference if you want QLEADER to prompt you to select an existing block (a group of objects that are treated as one object) for the annotation. You might have a block consisting of some text and special symbols that are hard to create from scratch each time. Some users put surface, tolerance, or other symbols at the ends of leaders. Choose None to create a leader with no annotation. If you chose MText, use the MText options section to specify how MText works. You have three choices:
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