Organizing Drawings with Layers, Colors, Linetypes, and Lineweights in .NET

Generate UPC A in .NET Organizing Drawings with Layers, Colors, Linetypes, and Lineweights
11 Organizing Drawings with Layers, Colors, Linetypes, and Lineweights
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new object is drawn on that layer. You can also change the layer of existing objects, using the Layer Control drop-down list or the Properties window. Layers can be assigned one of four states On/Off, Thawed/Frozen, Unlocked/ Locked, and Plottable/Not Plottable. You can change the properties of existing layers. You can also rename and delete them. You can save sets of layer states and properties and later restore them. To help you work with layers, you can filter the layer listing. You can easily modify the properties of a layer. To reduce drawing size, purge unused layers and linetypes. In most cases, it is best to use layer definitions to assign color, linetype, and lineweight. Nevertheless, you can directly change the color, linetype, and lineweight of any object. When you make a color, linetype, or lineweight current, every new object is drawn with that color, linetype, or lineweight. Linetype scales define how often a linetype pattern is repeated per unit. You can globally change the linetype scale. You can also change the current linetype scale, which affects the linetype scale of all new objects you draw. You can change the object linetype scale of existing objects as well. The DesignCenter lets you import layers and linetypes from other drawings. The Match Properties command copies properties from one object to one or more destination objects. The new Layer Translator lets you translate layers from one drawing to another.
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Getting Information from Your Drawing
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our AutoCAD drawing is intelligent in many ways. Several commands can give you the details of each object. In addition, you can get listings that provide information about your drawing as a whole. I have mentioned system variables several times you can list system variables and their current settings. You can perform calculations on objects that may assist you in certain drawing tasks. For example, you can divide an object into any number of segments by placing point objects along the object, or you can place point objects at a specified distance along the object. You can use AutoCAD s calculator, which not only does regular numerical calculations but also works with coordinates and geometric points on objects.
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Getting drawing-wide information Getting information about objects Measuring and segmenting objects Using AutoCAD s calculator Aspx gs1 - 12 integrationfor .net
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Drawing-Level Information
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Some information applies to the drawing as a whole or even to your computer system as a whole, rather than to individual objects. This information can be important when there is a problem or when you simply need to find the status of system variables.
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Listing the status of your drawing
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The STATUS command provides a standard list of information that can be very helpful. To use the STATUS command, choose Tools Inquiry Status. Figure 12-1 shows a sample status listing.
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Part II Drawing in Two Dimensions
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Figure 12-1: A sample listing from the STATUS command
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AutoCAD lists the number of objects in your drawing, then the limits and extents of the drawing, as well as the extents of the current display on your screen. Other important items are the snap and grid spacing as well as the current layer, color, linetype, lineweight, and plot style. You can see that Fill is on but the other drawing aid settings are off. An Endpoint running object snap has been set. Finally, information also appears about free disk space and free memory. Obviously, much of this information is available without using the STATUS command. The easiest to find are the current layer, color, linetype, lineweight, and plot style, which are readily visible on the Object Properties toolbar. However, you would have to use a number of commands to obtain other information such as the snap and grid spacing and the drawing limits. STATUS puts it all together in one listing. Finally, the free disk and memory statistics provide valuable information not easily obtainable otherwise from within your drawing. The most common use for STATUS is to troubleshoot problems. For example, if AutoCAD were crashing often, a listing such as the one shown in Figure 12-1 would suggest that insufficient memory is a possible cause. You could even send the listing to a colleague in another office who needs to work on the same drawing. Your colleague can then work more easily using the same settings you have used.
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