Editing Your Drawing: Advanced Tools in .NET

Integrated UPC-A in .NET Editing Your Drawing: Advanced Tools
10 Editing Your Drawing: Advanced Tools
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Append to current selection set: Check this box to add objects meeting your criteria to an existing selection set. To select the objects meeting your criteria and close the dialog box, click OK. AutoCAD selects the objects that meet your criteria. If you choose Exclude from new selection set, AutoCAD selects all objects that don t meet your criteria. You can start a command and use the selection set. If the command must be started before selecting objects, you can use the Previous option (type p ) at the Select objects: prompt to select the objects selected using Quick Select.
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Using the FILTER command
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The advantage of using the FILTER command over Quick Select is that you can create more complex filters and save them. To create a filter, type filter on the command line. AutoCAD opens the Object Selection Filters dialog box, as shown in Figure 10-41. If you have already chosen a command, type 'filter at the Select objects: prompt to create the selection filter transparently. The box at the top of the dialog box lists the filters you have specified.
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The selection filter only finds colors and linetypes of objects that have been specifically set as such, rather than as part of a layer definition. Layers, colors, and linetypes are covered in 11.
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Creating a single filter
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Use the Select Filter section of the dialog box to specify a filter. The drop-down box lists all the possible filters. Click the arrow to drop the list down. There are several types of items objects, object properties such as color or layer, object snaps such as arc center or circle radius, and logical operators such as AND, OR, and NOT. These logical operators combine filter specifications in various ways.
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Figure 10-41: The Object Selection Filters dialog box
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Part II Drawing in Two Dimensions
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The first step is to choose a filter. In Figure 10-42, Line was chosen from the dropdown list. If the item chosen does not need any further clarification, click Add to List. The filter appears in the box at the top of the dialog box. Notice that the filter appears as Object = Line.
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Figure 10-42: A filter that chooses all lines
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Many filters require a value. You have two ways to enter a value: If you choose an object that can be listed, the Select button becomes active. Click it and choose the value you want. For example, if you choose Color or Layer, you choose from a list of colors or layers. If you choose an object that can have any value, the boxes below the dropdown list box become active. They are labeled X, Y, and Z, but this is misleading. These boxes are used for X, Y, and Z coordinates only when you choose a filter requiring coordinates, such as Viewport Center. In most cases, you use the X box to give the filter a value. In this situation, the Y and Z boxes are not used. For example, if you choose Text Height, you type the height in the X box. However, you don t always want to specify that a filter equals a value. Let s say you want to create a filter that selects all circles with a radius less than 0.75. When you choose Circle Radius, the X box becomes active. Click the arrow to drop down the list of relational operators and choose one. Table 10-2 lists the relational operators.
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Table 10-2 Relational Operators in the Object Selection Filters Dialog Box
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Operator = != Definition Equal to Not equal to
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10 Editing Your Drawing: Advanced Tools
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Operator < <= > >= *
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Definition Less than Less than or equal to Greater than Greater than or equal to Equal to any value
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Adding a second filter
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To add a second filter, you first decide on the relationship between the first and the second filter, and then assign a logical operator. Logical operators always come in pairs when you begin one you must also end it. The logical operators are at the end of the drop-down list of filter objects.
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