Part II Drawing in Two Dimensions in .NET

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Part II Drawing in Two Dimensions
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Figure 10-36: This small section of a drive block, seen from above, can easily be edited with grips.
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8. Right-click and choose Exit to return to the command line. The original objects are still highlighted. 9. Use a large selection window to select all the new objects including the small rectangle and circles in the middle. Everything (old and new) should be highlighted and display grips. 10. Pick the grip at 2 in Figure 10-36 to activate it. Right-click and choose Rotate from the shortcut menu. At the Specify rotation angle or [Base point/Copy/Undo/Reference/eXit]: prompt, type 90 . AutoCAD rotates the model. 11. Pick the bottom-right grip to activate it. Right-click and choose Scale from the shortcut menu. At the Specify scale factor or [Base point/Copy/ Undo/Reference/eXit]: prompt, type .5 . AutoCAD scales the model. 12. Pick the grip at the midpoint of the bottom line. Right-click and choose Move from the shortcut menu. At the Specify move point or [Base point/ Copy/Undo/eXit]: prompt, type @0,-3 . The model should look like Figure 10-37. 13. Press Esc to remove all grips. Define a crossing window by picking first at 1, then at 2 (see Figure 10-37). 14. Hold down Shift and pick all the grips along the bottom three lines. Release Shift and pick the grip at the middle of the bottom line. At the Specify stretch point or [Base point/Copy/Undo/eXit]: prompt, type @0,1 . AutoCAD shrinks the model. If the stretch does not come out right (it might be hard to see and activate all the grips), choose Undo from the Standard toolbar to undo the stretch and try again. 15. Save your drawing.
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10 Editing Your Drawing: Advanced Tools
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2 Figure 10-37: The drive block section, after several grip edits, looks a little like a cookie jar.
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Customizing grips
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You can turn grips on and off and customize their size and color. Choose Tools Options and click the Selection tab to open the dialog box shown in Figure 10-38. By default, grips are enabled (that is, turned on). Also by default, grips are turned off for blocks. (Blocks are covered in 18.) When grips are off for blocks, you see only one grip when you select a block its insertion point. When grips are on, you see all the grips you would normally see for objects. In the Grip Colors section, you can choose the colors you want for unselected and selected (hot) grips. Click the drop-down lists to choose a color. The Grip Size section lets you drag the slider bar to set the size of the grips. Click OK when you have made the desired changes.
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Editing with the Object Property Manager
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The Object Property Manager is a window that displays the properties of selected objects. You can use the Object Property Manager (which can also be called the Properties window or OPM) to change the properties of objects as well. To open the Object Property Manager window, click Properties on the Standard toolbar. The Properties window, shown in Figure 10-39, opens on your screen.
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Part II Drawing in Two Dimensions
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Figure 10-38: Use the Selection tab of the Options dialog box to customize grips.
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The Properties window can be used to directly edit objects called Geometry in the Properties window but can be used for editing other object properties as well: You can change the layer, color, linetype, linetype scale, and lineweight of objects. (See 11.) You can edit text and text properties. (See 13.) You can edit plot styles. (See 17.) You can edit hyperlinks. (See 28.) The Properties window contains two tabs. The Categorized tab organizes the types of properties you can edit by category. In Figure 10-39, you see the result of opening the Properties window with one line selected. Use the Geometry category to edit the line. The Alphabetic tab contains the same information organized alphabetically. To change either endpoint of the selected line, just type new coordinates in the Properties window and press Enter. Of course, this method of editing a line is only useful when you know the absolute coordinates. When you select a geometric property, such as Start X, the X coordinate of the line s start point, an arrow button appears. You can click this button and then pick a new start point directly on your screen. The new point becomes the new start point of the line, changing both the X and Y coordinates of the start point if your pick point requires it.
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