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elevated temperatures are unknown. NCDOT and I agreed that some sort of mechanical testing would be required to verify that each piece had the necessary integrity for its role in the bridge. It was agreed that rst all timbers should be graded in accordance with SPIB Grading Rules. Drilled holes would be considered to be open knots with the same criteria applied regarding size, location, and frequency. After grading, all suitable timbers would be load tested by applying a known load and measuring the de ection across a given span in order to compute the modulus of elasticity. This would provide a measure of stiffness for each piece, presumably enabling us to discard pieces that fell below the published values for the grade. Certainly, knowing the modulus of elasticity for compressive members is particularly valuable. For tension members, it was thought that the recycled material, being extremely dense, would be at least as strong as published values for the same grade of new material.
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It became clear that moisture measurement using meters would be problematic. Because of accumulated salts in the recycled timbers, moisture contents varied widely. The history of the timbers, according to BRTW, included some that were taken from a marine structure and others that came from a building that stored agricultural chemicals. Several samples were oven dried, establishing that the average moisture content was much less than what the handheld moisture meters had indicated. Storage at the job site was critical to the moisture content of these materials. Timbers were stored at the site off the ground, but uncovered. Rain affected the top surface of the timbers. Water- lled mortise holes and areas around shakes and checks resulted in high moisture readings in various locations. Through numerous conversations between the North Carolina Department of Transportation, the timber frame subcontractor BRTW and I suggested that materials could evaluated and approved using a combination of handheld moisture readings veri ed with oven-dry tests.
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The New Covered Bridge for Old Salem won several awards for design, including the following: 2002 Biennial Awards Excellence in High Design, Award of Merit for the Pedestrian Bridge over Old Salem Bypass, Old Salem, North Carolina Community Appearance Commission of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County 1999 2000 Count Zinzendorf Award
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A New Covered Bridge for Old Salem
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The Salem Bridge revives traditional timber framing and bridge building as it was applied to the construction of covered bridges in North America during the rst half of the nineteenth century.
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FIGURE 17-6 The end view displays the complexity inherent in extending the two-hinged arch to the bearing point without interrupting the bottom chord.
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The project required the application of modern timber engineering to the design and construction of a cultural heritage structure.
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FIGURE 17-7 The bridge is an authentic covered bridge built in the traditional manner.
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1. Richard Sanders Allen, Covered Bridges of the Middle Atlantic States. (Brattleboro, Vermont: The Stephen Green Press, 1959). 2. C. Daniel Crews, Villages of the Lord: The Moravians Come to Carolina (Winston-Salem: Moravian Archives, 1995). 3. Susan M. Zacher, The Covered Bridges of Pennsylvania (Harrisburg, PA: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Museum Commission, 1994).
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American Wooden Bridges (New York: American Society of Civil Engineers, 1976).
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The Tohickon Aqueduct
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rst became aware of the Tohickon Aqueduct project when contacted by William J. Collins, a landscape architect and timber framer from Point Pleasant, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. We agreed to meet and discuss the proposed project at the annual meeting of the Timber Framers Guild of North America in Guelph, Ontario, in 1992. Bill Collins, a resident of Point Pleasant and a principal in the rm Simon Jaffe Collins Incorporated Landscape Architecture of Berwyn and Doylestown, Pennsylvania, had worked several years as project manager, landscape architect, and designer for the local sponsor, the Point Pleasant Community Association. The design concept he presented to me in Guelph was an aqueduct framed with Town lattice trusses, in keeping with the original 1834 construction. The Delaware Canal was constructed in the early 1830s with the primary goal of transporting anthracite coal from northeastern Pennsylvania to cities on the eastern seaboard. The Tohickon Aqueduct is a vital link in the 60-mile-long Delaware Canal carrying the canal over Tohickon Creek in Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania. The canal climbs 164 feet between Bristol and Easton through a series of 23 locks, over nine aqueducts. The Tohickon Aqueduct, originally built as a timber-framed Town lattice truss structure was replaced in the 1890s with an iron riveted structure containing a wood-framed trunkway. This aqueduct collapsed in 1931. After World War II, the canal was transformed into a Pennsylvania state park and the aqueduct reconstructed with steel girders supporting a cast-inplace concrete trunkway. By 1990, the badly deteriorated concrete and steel
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Structural Investigation of Historic Buildings: A Case Study Guide to Preservation Technology for Buildings, Bridges, Towers, and Mills. David. C. Fischetti 2009 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.