FIGURE 16-2 The towers were fabricated in a eld on the Cornish, New Hampshire, side of the river. in .NET

Assign pdf417 2d barcode in .NET FIGURE 16-2 The towers were fabricated in a eld on the Cornish, New Hampshire, side of the river.
FIGURE 16-2 The towers were fabricated in a eld on the Cornish, New Hampshire, side of the river.
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Two towers were erected on opposite banks, and one on the central pier.
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Disadvantages of the Glulam Chord Replacement Alternative
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FIGURE 16-3 The cable stayed system allowed for an orderly rehabilitation of the roof structure. (See color insert.)
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Larger concrete dead men with earth anchors were installed to resist the pull of the stays on the end towers. The needle beams provided a perfect support for a rail and rolling hoist.
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FIGURE 16-4 The glued laminated timber chords were as much as 116 feet in length.
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The Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge
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This enabled the long glued laminated timber chord replacement members and other materials to be pulled into the bridge.
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FIGURE 16-5 Glued laminated timber was used for chord replacement material, oor beams, and bolster beams.
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The cable-stayed system allowed work to continue through the winter and the repairs to be made in a symmetrical manner that was important for a twospan continuous truss with very high tensile stresses in the top chord over the central pier.
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FIGURE 16-6 The cable stayed system allowed work to proceed through the winter.
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Disadvantages of the Glulam Chord Replacement Alternative
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As an added bonus, it allowed the contractor to pull up to 30 inches of camber into each span. This was important because there were reports that James Tasker was unhappy with the dead load de ection of the bridge, which appeared soon after construction. The sag in the spans of 12 and 14 inches were reversed providing the positive camber that the bridge never had. To assist the trusses, we installed large glued laminated timber double-cantilevered bolster beams under the bridge at the central pier.
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FIGURE 16-7 The cantilevered bolster beams are 10 inches wide by 42 inches deep.
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Construction was completed in November 1989, and the bridge rededicated on December 8, 1989, with the governors of both states attending the ceremony. The problem of how to rehabilitate the Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge became a question of compromise. The retro tted arch solution would have conserved a greater percentage of the historic fabric by supplementing the original lattice truss with reinforcing arches. The retro tted arches would have been an excellent structural solution because of their great rigidity. However, the laminated chord solution retains the original system as the primary structural element with a minimum of intervention, while requiring only the replacement of overstressed chord material with glued laminated timber. Because of the primary consideration of highway bridge safety, the glued laminated timber chord solution emerged as the most reliable and acceptable of all the solutions considered. Analysis indicated that the increased strength afforded by modern timber materials and connections was required to upgrade
The Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge
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FIGURE 16-8 The governors of both New Hampshire and Vermont attended the dedication ceremony. (See color insert.)
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FIGURE 16-9 Key to the project was the ability to successfully integrate glulam sticks into the notched Town lattice system.
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the Cornish-Windsor Bridge to a level that would allow it to be kept in service as a highway bridge. Conservation of our historic timber bridges can become a reality when the solution combines the ultimate goal of highway safety with a sound preservation philosophy. Only through rigorous structural analysis, which recognizes the special conditions inherent in historic timber structures, does suf cient information on which to base sensitive preservation decisions become available.
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FIGURE 16-10 Camber remained in the completed bridge for several years.
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