Relocating the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in .NET

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Relocating the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
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plates bearing, on concrete grade beams, on a wide band of sand stabilized with Portland cement. Upon visiting the structure on September 13, 1986, Mr. Kenneth Adair, a building mover contractor from Boynton Beach, Florida, stated to this author that there is no question that the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse can safely be moved.
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FIGURE 13-2 Kenneth Adair (right) consulted with the author in September 1986.
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The solution proposed by Mr. Adair would require that ve to six parallel rails be construction to spread the weight of the moving load more evenly on the supporting sand layers below. This discussion validated the assumptions we made regarding the feasibility of location made seven years before. Machinery available to move a large masonry structures include hydraulic cylinder jacks, industrial rollers, and cable pulling machines to provide the force needed to overcome static friction at the initiation of movement and to sustain a constant rate of movement. The Simplex Division of Templeton, Kenly & Company of Broadview, Illinois, had been manufacturing high tonnage hydraulic cylinders for 40 years.
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Simplex/Pine hydraulic cylinders are available from stock in capacities, ranging from 150 to 500 tons with piston travels from 3 to 12 inches. Higher capacities and longer travels can be engineered into the hydraulic cylinder jacks. Hightonnage hydraulic cylinder jacks, manufactured by many companies, have been used in countless applications throughout the world for many years.4 Hillman Incorporated, of Wall, New Jersey, manufactures large industrial rollers with load capacities of 300 to 500 tons per unit. Constructed of hardened steel, these rollers can move very heavy loads with a 5 percent coef cient of friction between bearing surfaces.5 The Lucker Manufacturing Company is a division of the American Hoist and & Derrick Company Manufactures Pulling Machines, which pull wire rope with a continuous, steady, smooth motion. The hydraulic power unit, powered by electric motor, gasoline, or diesel engine, can exert pulling up to one million pounds at a normal speed of 3 feet per minute. Pull machine controls provide for precise and full control of the pulling operation. A direct reading calibrated gauge tells the operator the actual pounds or kilograms pulling on the wire rope at all times. Force of pull and speed are fully adjustable from zero to maximum. It was obvious that the equipment required to accomplish the task was available in several forms by many vendors. The physics involved in the horizontal moving of any object is rather simple. In the horizontal direction, the force required to produce movement is a function of the mass of the structure and the acceleration required to overcome the friction forces between the surface of the rollers and the rails. In other words, in the case of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, a 130-ton force would be required to move the 2,600-ton structure from a stationary position to a very slow velocity in the horizontal direction. The stability of the lighthouse is a question of simple statics. In the vertical direction, the underlying sands will push up with an opposite force equivalent to the weight of the lighthouse, thus providing stability in the vertical direction. This is no problem as the underlying geology is composed of very dense sands. The overturning forces imposed on the lighthouse due to small horizontal accelerations during the moving operation would be insigni cant compared to the overturning forces produced by a 120 mph wind. The overturning stability of the lighthouse is excellent because its proportions were determined to speci cally resist horizontal wind load forces. The successes, for many years, of building movers in the United States is well documented in such periodicals as Scienti c American, Engineering News Record, and House and Building Mover magazine. In 1923 the rm of John Eichleay, Jr., Company, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, moved the 3,200-ton St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Church on East Ohio Street in
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