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Structural drawings included photographs of existing conditions showing repairs to the masonry and suggested ways to brace the building. These drawings, as well as speci cations including a section describing mini piles were included in the bid package. The low bidder for the restoration, general contractor H. M. Kern Corporation, selected Foundation Services, Inc. of Greensboro (now Hayward Baker, Inc.) and Blake Moving Company of Greensboro, North Carolina, as the subcontractors. Hayward Baker, Inc. utilized a KB1 Drill Rig with a hydraulic generator and a diesel powered grout mixer. A 2.2-to-1 Portland cement-to-water ratio was used to achieve a grout design mix with a compressive strength of 4,000 psi at three days. The design capacity of the 4-inch outside diameter micropiles was 5 tons, with a factor of safety of 2.2. The 4-inch O.D. piles had a wall thickness of 0.525 inches, with a yield strength of Fy 36 ksi. Piles were inserted in accordance with our layout with the exception of three, which had to be offset slightly to avoid obstructions to the drill rig. Charlie Blake of Blake Moving Company used a simple and direct method to pull the walls together. Sets of at steel bands were placed horizontally around straight sections of wall. Head joints in the masonry were knocked out so that the bands could pass through each section of wall, encompassing the portion to be pulled together. This operation required that the open cracks be cleared of debris so that the cracked sections of wall could be leveled and moved while oating on steel.
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Differential Settlement at St. Philip s Moravian Church at Old Salem
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FIGURE 9-14 The mortar in the cracks had to be removed prior to pulling the wall together.
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FIGURE 9-15 Bands of steel were installed through mortar joints. Building corners were protected with wood.
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Using the banding system, the discontinuous sections of wall were slowly and carefully pulled together so that the mason could heal the cracks using common masonry restoration techniques. The reconstruction of the belfry of the masonry church proved to be interesting. Its con guration was determined by Philips & Oppermann, using the
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FIGURE 9-16 The masonry wall was supported by the mini-piles. Steel bands were used to provide under-slung support to the wall. (See color insert.)
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early photograph that showed it and the log church. Other evidence included the remnants of the belfry support timbers and framed out openings in the attic. We determined that without supplemental support, the existing structure was inadequate to resist forces derived from wind acting on a new belfry. The solution was to design a wood-framed belfry supported by a pair of steel trusses to span the width of the church.
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FIGURE 9-17 The steel trusses were designed to be lightweight with bolted connections to ease assembly within the attic space.
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Differential Settlement at St. Philip s Moravian Church at Old Salem
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These trusses were located in the attic, spaced to avoid the original framing. An added consideration was the erection of this structural system in an tight space. To accommodate the geometry and allow for assembly in place, the steel truss components and lateral bracing consisted of structural angles eld-bolted together.
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The underpinning x for St. Philip s consisting of strategically placed mini piles, concrete grade beams, and the efforts of a general contractor and his subcontractors consisting of a foundation specialty contractor, a structural mover, and a masonry restoration contractor to provide permanent support for the building while avoiding the archeological features beneath the building that were the source of its distress.
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1. C. Daniel Crews, Villages of the Lord, The Moravians Come to Carolina (Winston-Salem: Moravian Archives, 1995). 2. Old Salem, St. Philip s Church, An Overview, (Winston-Salem: Old Salem, Inc., June 11, 2003). 3. Fischetti, David C. Preliminary Structural Evaluation Report, January, 1993. 4. Fischetti, David C., Letter to John Larson, 1995. 5. Charles A. Phillips, St. Philip s Moravian Church, Report of Findings, (Winston-Salem: Phillips & Oppermann, P.A., 1993).
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