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Work at St. Philip s included the reconstruction of a replica of the 1823 log church based on photographic and archeological evidence. Restoration of the brick church included replication of the original steeple and underpinning repairs to the 1890 addition. The other major structural issue was to provide adequate support inside the attic of the log church for the addition of a replicated belfry and the additional weight of a mechanical unit.
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FIGURE 9-3 The log church was replicated based on one photograph and archeological evidence.
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Differential Settlement at St. Philip s Moravian Church at Old Salem
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FIGURE 9-4 A pair of structural steel trusses was designed to support the replicated belfry.
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Between the two projects, structural engineering tasks at St. Philip s included the design of traditional timber frames and connections, structural steel, underpinning, masonry restoration and repair, and a number of construction details. Drawings for the log church were executed by John Milner Architects, Inc. of Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, based on review, input, and sketches provided by us.
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FIGURE 9-5 The log church has a false chimney and cupola. (See color insert.)
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Description of The Church
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For St. Philip s, we provided comprehensive drawings depicting suggested underpinning, means and methods for the underpinning, and complete detailing of the steeple frame and supporting trusses.
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St. Philip s is approximately 40 feet wide by 85 feet long with exterior brick masonry walls and rst- oor framing above a crawl space.3 We estimated that the 2 10 oor joists, spaced at 24 inches on center in the 1861 building, were equivalent to No. 1 dense or better timber and the 1890 oor joists equivalent to No. 2 or No. 3 dense southern pine. The 1890 oor joists and oor sheathing were removed from the front portion of the building prior to construction so that archeologist could map the features without interference. The roof of the 1861 church is framed with queen rod trusses consisting of 5 8 timber top chords, double 7/8-inch square iron queen rods, 2 -inch by 3 -inch braces (webs), and a bottom chord consisting of double 4 10 timbers spliced together with trunnels (wood pegs).
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FIGURE 9-6 The bottom chord consists of two 4 10s.
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Differential Settlement at St. Philip s Moravian Church at Old Salem
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Technically, these members constitute an assembly better described as tied and braced principal rafters with sag rods.
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FIGURE 9-7 The connection at the queen rod joint appears to have been reworked during the original construction.
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The exterior walls and the corridor walls of the 1890 addition are constructed of brick masonry, with very shallow footings. Obviously, when setting the bearing elevation for the walls, the builders were well aware of the numerous burial sites in the area of the addition. Subsidence of the remains within disturbed pockets in the stiff clay caused major cracks to form in the exterior walls at the northwest corner of the 1890 building addition. Numerous settlement cracks in the masonry of the northwest corner of the 1890 addition were obvious by the 1980s. The cracks extended from the base to the top of the wall on both the front face and north side of the building. The cracks were through-wall cracks as much as 1 to 2 inches in width. During the exploratory phase, distance from the underside of the oor joists to the bottom of the walls was measured to be from 17 inches to 26 inches. The bases of the walls were found to be rectangular in shape without projections or footings of any kind. The foundation walls, as found, were approximately 17 inches thick at the exterior locations and 8 inches thick at the corridors. The oversized brick units of the 1890 addition measured 3 inches high, by 4 inches wide, by 8 inches in length.
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Recommendations for Repair
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FIGURE 9-8 The northwest corner was temporarily braced prior to our involvement with this project.
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FIGURE 9-9 The cracks extended to the top of the wall and were up to 2 inches in width.
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Our involvement in this little church repair spanned a period of more than 10 years. The original preliminary structural evaluation report was based on a January 1993 jobsite observation made for architect Charles A. Phillips of the