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Market Hall Rehabilitation
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FIGURE 8-1 The Civil War was especially hard on Charleston. An artillery shell penetrated the roof of Market Hall.
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The structural engineer s decision to pull the oor structure out and rehabilitate timber-bearing pockets was a much-debated issue. To enhance Market Hall s resistance to wind and seismic forces, the design strategy called for the existing ooring to be temporarily removed and the oor joists lifted out to be rehabilitated or replaced. A diagonal sub oor consisting of 5/4 sheathing boards was speci ed to be installed between the original joists and ooring forming a structural diaphragm. Both shear and axial forces had to be transferred between the two elements of wall and oor. The number of oor joists requiring replacement or rehabilitation was a question of debate. I insisted that the contractor s carpenters could best make that determination after the joists were pulled out and examined. The contractor wanted, in advance, to be provided with the exact number of timbers to order. Much of the masonry had to be rebuilt with loose bricks pulled out and relaid. The masonry restoration contractor questioned the scope of the work after their bid proposal was accepted. Construction management issues such as these greatly impacted the overall preservation plan. A diverse team of designers led an extensive construction team through a dif cult rehabilitation tempered by constraints inherent in municipal capital projects. Through friendly persuasion, the design team ultimately prevailed in rehabilitating Market Hall as designed and detailed. The rehabilitation of the main oor system required that the original 4 14 oor joists be reinforced, supplemented, or replaced. The original span of 34 feet
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Market Hall Rehabilitation
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was excessive by modern standards for any application including the intended Confederate Museum. The ends of the oor joists in the masonry pockets were severely deteriorated, especially beneath the wide window openings.
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FIGURE 8-2 The ends of the joists were exposed for examination.
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Most of the joists were sound immediately beyond the inside face of the masonry with few exceptions. One or two joists were severely deteriorated for their full length. The original survey of the oor framing was made through gaps in the ooring where the architect had arranged to remove the rst one or two oorboards on each side of the building. Access to the oor framing from below was limited by the presence of four retail establishments on the rst oor that continued to operate during the design phase. The ceiling in the lower level was tongue-and-groove 134 beaded-ceiling boards nailed directly to the joists. The ooring of the main room was oneinch-thick dense pine tongue-and-groove boards nailed to the oor joists. Attachment of the oor system consisted of the simple embedment of the joist ends into the wall approximately 8 to 10 inches. The joists rested on a 3-inchthick timber plate that was severely deteriorated, especially below the windowsills. Termite tracks were visible on the face of several joists. To maximize the use of existing fabric, I recommended that the oor system of north south joists be reinforced with two lines of support running east west.
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Market Hall Rehabilitation
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The support would be at the third points of the joist span, greatly increasing the stiffness of the oor system. To maintain the oor system as a timber structure, the primary reinforcing members were speci ed to be two 8 -inch-wide glued laminated timber beams. I recommended that these members be let into the oor joists rather than be set below the joists. This decision caused a great deal of concern to the architect and owner and had to be defended through several discussions and special meetings. The insertion of the oor beams provided an excellent opportunity to gain length in the soon-to-be three-piece oor joist system if each joist was rst removed, end trimmed, and then cut into thirds.
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FIGURE 8-3 The gaps in the oor joists to accommodate the 8 3/4-inch-wide glued laminated timber beams allowed for the deteriorated ends to be removed.
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In this way, 8 inches would be gained in two places, offsetting the loss of deteriorated wood at the joist ends. The need for total structural intervention had to be defended through preliminary design and into design development, during special meetings with city project managers and department administrators. The structural design concept was subjected to an informal peer review during which alternate solutions were offered. Apparently, the city s primary concern was that the proposed solution appeared to be too drastic, resulting in a possible loss of historic fabric and possibly excessively high construction costs. All manner of alternate concepts were suggested, including the application of load-bearing metal studs to support the oor and roof and steel channels to
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