FIGURE 7-8 Very little bonding connected walls built at various times. in .NET

Generation pdf417 in .NET FIGURE 7-8 Very little bonding connected walls built at various times.
FIGURE 7-8 Very little bonding connected walls built at various times.
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The large cracks beneath the 30-inch-deep steel beam were the result of just such a discontinuity due to faulty construction. To properly tooth a wall together requires that the original and new bricks match in size, that the addition courses with the original, and that suf cient skill and effort is expended to ensure that as many of the original bricks are engaged by the new brickwork. In the large crack that was exposed between the walls constructed at different times, only one tie brick was observed. The joint between wall sections was quite wide, indicating that the tendency of the balconies to move outward
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The Restoration of St. Helena s Church
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could not be restrained across the joint. The wildly random coursing of the brick in the two sections of wall could be corrected by reworking a suf cient width of masonry to obtain coursing, or by stitching across the crack with joint reinforcing. The clay tile in the east and west gable walls of the attic obviously did not course with previous brick masonry when used to rebuild gable ends blown out by a storm.
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FIGURE 7-9 The gable walls were rebuilt in 1940 with clay tile instead of brick masonry.
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This material was used because it is light, economical, and a popular method of construction in the 1940s. We recommended that the clay tile be replaced with brick units to match the original in size.
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Traditional plaster and stucco applied to brick masonry is an excellent telltale system for crack evaluation. Any discontinuity or crack that causes movement will telegraph through the plaster or stucco system. The history of a crack can be determined by observing its progression in historic photographs and evaluating the materials used as crack llers in the past. The ne cracks in the sidewalls above the windows were, for the most part, thermal in nature, typical
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Subsurface Evaluation
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of cracks in eighteenth and nineteenth century un-reinforced brick masonry walls with large window openings. Most of the sidewall cracks in St. Helena s were thin hairline cracks. They were observed to be running in a vertical direction usually above or near window head locations. These cracks were located above most of the windows in the sidewalls of the nave.
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Tabby is an early cast-in-place construction material consisting of sand, lime (from shells and wood ash), and water. The foundations of the 1842 addition to St. Helena s consist of a 26-inch-deep unreinforced footing of tabby on which rested the brick masonry walls. The original foundation walls are of brick construction extending to a greater depth than the foundations of the addition. Because of its relatively low strength, tabby performs well when uniformly loaded. The support of a post or beam is problematic when concentrated loads are not distributed such as on a wood plate or brick masonry-bearing block. The computed design pressure for the combined dead load and live load of 6.8 psi was low when compared to the 350 psi compressive strength obtained by Sickels-Taves. In St. Helena s we had a fairly uniform load. There were no cracks in the sidewalls related to settlement caused by failure in the tabby.
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To determine the nature and consistency of underlying soils in the vicinity of the exterior wall, in 1994 we requested that the S&ME of ce in Charleston provide a proposal to the church for a geotechnical investigation and analysis consisting of borings, small test pits and laboratory analysis. S&ME s proposal was accepted and eld exploration occurred in August of 1995. The purpose of the soils investigation was to determine the amount of settlement that had occurred, its cause, and how much future settlement was anticipated. We also wanted to determine the probable response of the underlying soils during a seismic event. S&ME s subsurface exploration Report No. 1131-95-034 dated August 18, 1995, presented the results of the exploration and analysis. We were in contact with Billy Camp, P.E. of S&ME, during this procedure and also consulted with George Fore prior to, and after, obtaining the results from S&ME. The purpose of the exploration work was to determine the nature and consistency of the soils directly below the balcony sidewalls of the church and the con guration of the wall at the bearing elevation. It was thought by others that this might explain the outward rotation of the walls. The question of whether
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