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Timber Framer Selection
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oor of the sanctuary in one piece. Charlie Blake of Blake Moving Company understood exactly what to do, and accomplished the task in short order. So the adaptive reuse of this historic church facility into laboratory and administrative of ce space required very little new material, although 1,096 days passed from the rst contact to completed project, most of the construction involved things other than the structural aspects of the work. We were able to certify the adjusted roof structure as structurally adequate and the building retained its historic oor structure. One interesting note occurred at the dedication of the new laboratory facility. The developer invited the church membership to attend the dedication. Several of them were less than happy to see their old sanctuary in like-new condition with the old millwork, ooring, and ceiling still intact. Apparently, one of the investors described to them how little was required to x their former church sanctuary. At the United Church of Chapel Hill, it was fortunate that we were contacted early enough in the process to recommend a solution, and in particular, a specialty contractor capable of doing the job. In both of these cases, considerable historic fabric was retained, and money was saved for the owners by providing a unique solution to those capable of executing the design.
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Our most successful projects have been ones where we were able to select the timber framer in advance, or where we proposed several quali ed bidders for consideration, or where we were able to insert prequali cation language into a technical speci cation prior to bid. These have included new structures as well as the restoration and rehabilitation of existing buildings.
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Tohickon Aqueduct
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For the rehabilitation of the Tohickon Aqueduct in Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania, we rst designed the structure as a timber-frame Burr arch-truss system with mechanically laminated two-hinged arches. Bill Collins and I consulted with Jan Lewandowski to predetermine the constructability of the three span continuous timber system on site. As an aqueduct structure with an impervious liner, because of possible condensation and splash issues on the underside, we speci ed the material to be pressure treated. The original structure, which carried the Delaware Canal over Tohickon Creek, was a Town lattice truss. It was replaced with a riveted iron truss, which collapsed in 1931. The replacement steel and concrete aqueduct deteriorated to the point where it had to be
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Conservation and the Specialty Contractor
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replaced to maintain the viability of the canal. Bill Collins proposed that the latest incarnation be built as a Town lattice structure, similar to the original. For several reasons, I determined that a Burr arch structure would be preferable. We courted several timber-frame companies as possible bidders, including Blue Ridge Timberwrights and Pocopson Industries. When the project bid, neither of the two rms that we were counting on turned in a price. Apparently, construction of the three-span structure in the eld, within the right-ofway of the canal, was problematic. This was the single issue we had wrestled with during the initial stages of the design. In a value engineering process, we converted the timber-frame arches to glued laminated timber and deleted the saw-tooth splices resulting in three identical simple spans that could be shop fabricated, preassembled, and shipped to the site in sections. From a philosophical standpoint, we deviated from the original system to ensure a better structure and a longer service life. Although the Town lattice is a tough system because of its redundancy, we concluded that a wet environment would cause shrink swell problems in the tightly pinned lattice connections. If the chords and lattice were to be treated, moisture content would also be an issue for the pinned connections. From a maintenance standpoint, we concluded that the Burr arch would allow easier replacement of primary elements. (See 18 for additional discussion of the Tohickon Aqueduct.)
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