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Planning an application The architecture phase
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Part IV
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Building an Application
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Planning an Application
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Because there is additional demand for features, there is an additional demand for planning. Even if you are only intending to build a small widget, you should always plan to build an application that can be extended and improved. This is also true for applications that you are building for a limited audience and even applications that you are building for personal use. Every finished application has potential for improvement; it could always be easier to use, look nicer, do more, or work faster. If your application is useful, then there is demand for these improvements. To a programmer, improvements translate to changes in code, and changes in code often translate into trouble. This section is dedicated largely to that concern, because managing change is one of the largest and most consistent programming challenges. Some tools to guide you through the specifics of managed change include employing best practices and design patterns, but the most effective tool will always be planning. The planning, scoping, and gathering of business needs for an application are not always thought of as a programming challenge, but you as a programmer should be prepared to provide guidance through these stages. The changes that occur during the course of development will often come from demands that weren t considered during planning, and though it may not always be your responsibility to determine those demands, it will always be your responsibility to fix the problems that arise from changes. If you want to manage change effectively, you must know what to prepare for and teach people how to plan.
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First, you should have a clear vision of what the application is intended to do and who the audience will be, and have a general sense of how it should behave. This is similar to the five Ws and the H of journalism: Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How, which is the model journalists use to determine whether or not they have a complete story. This might be a useful model to apply to the ideation stage of planning, to make sure that you have a complete idea.
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In terms of an application, the answer to Who is the audience. If the application you are building is for your own personal use, for internal use within a company or organization, or for use by the general public, it is going to have different demands. If the audience of an application is strictly technical, then you may be able to use different terminology to describe features than you would for an application with a broader target audience, and you may be able to streamline the user interface with that in mind. The Unix and Linux commandline text editors VI/VIM and Emacs are examples of applications with a strictly technical target audience, with user interfaces streamlined to the point of barely even existing, but with long-standing and continued popularity.
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Preparing to Build a Large-Scale Application
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It is also not uncommon to have multiple audiences for a single-use case. For example, if you are building an application designed for employees of a retail store, then the demands of the employee using the application have to be considered, but often the management of that store may also have their own demands to consider. The same might be true of a branded application, where the application distributor might have needs for the application that aren t strictly the same as those of the end user. When considering whom the application is for, language should also be a factor, as should accessibility.
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Of course, the central question is always What will the application do During the ideation stage, think about what problem or problems this software should solve. At the first pass, try to state these goals in very simple terms, in order to add clarity to other questions and to every phase that follows. Suppose you are building an application for a florist with a greenhouse. They would like to be able to come to work in the morning, see what needs to be planted, repotted, or fertilized, and see what is available for sale. In order to know this information, the application needs to know some information specific to the plants being grown, such as any special instructions for those plants (for example, an azalea needs to be repotted after six weeks ), how long it will take before they are ready to sell, and if there is a time when they can no longer be sold (given that many plants only bloom at certain times). Also, the application needs to be told what seeds were planted on what day, and what items have been sold. You might describe this set of features in a list: Input mechanism to add new types of plants Update mechanism for plants sold or otherwise removed Calendar-based interface for viewing current status of tasks and sellable items
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