Sample Application Designed to Display Its Own Source Files in .NET

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Sample Application Designed to Display Its Own Source Files
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// create a new namespace window.SampleApp = window.SampleApp || {}; (function() { this.init = function() { var rootList = new air.File(); SampleApp.listing = rootList; rootList = air.File.applicationDirectory; // register for event that fires when directory is listed rootList.addEventListener( directoryListing , SampleApp.onListing); rootList.getDirectoryListingAsync(); }
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Part III
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// once directory contents are available, do this. // the Event here is an air.FileListEvent this.onListing = function(evt) { var foldertag = <div id= Sample > ; foldertag += <h3> </h3> ; for (var i=0; i < evt.files.length; i++) { var file = evt.files[i]; if (!file.isHidden) { if (file.isDirectory) { // if this is a subfolder, list it in a separate // element entirely by calling this same function. file.addEventListener( directoryListing , SampleApp.onListing); file.getDirectoryListingAsync(); } else { // if this is a file, just list the file name foldertag += <div class= file > </div> ; } } } foldertag += </div> ; var parent = document.getById( Container ); parent.setInnerHTML(foldertag, append ); } // Do this on DOMContentLoaded window.addEventListener( DOMContentLoaded , SampleApp.init, false); } ).call(SampleApp); // initialize
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HTML Content
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Using Dreamweaver
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It is not difficult to build AIR applications using ADT and a text editor, but it can be time-consuming to maintain your application package structure using these tools. One way to make it much easier to develop, test, and maintain your application is to use the AIR Extension for Dreamweaver. Not only does Dreamweaver contain text-editing tools with syntax highlighting and code completion for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but it also provides tools for building and deploying AIR applications. To set up Dreamweaver to develop a desktop application, first download and install the AIR Extension for Dreamweaver. Next, create a site definition within Dreamweaver, which will set up your project. Last, use the AIR Application Settings Wizard under the Dreamweaver Site menu (see Figure 13.4). You can use this wizard to create and edit your application descriptor XML file; it can also contain options for testing and publishing your application.
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FIGURE 13.4 Dreamweaver AIR Application and Installer Settings panel
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HTML applications are capable of running on a wide variety of devices and systems. They can also display dynamic text and image data without requiring a great deal of processing power. With AIR, the capabilities of HTML and JavaScript are extended to function as full-featured desktop application development tools.
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Building an Application
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Preparing to Build a Large-Scale Application
Building a Reusable Config Class
Application Design Best Practices
SDK Development
Sample Application: LogReader
Polishing a Finished Application
Preparing to Build a Large-Scale Application
hen you build an application in AIR, there will usually be more demand on features than there would be for a Web application. Some of the reasons for this are simply based on perception about the difference in roles between desktop and Web applications, but others have sound technical justifications. One reason for this increased demand is that desktop applications are designed for regular use. If you use an application every day, then you will expect it to work well with other software, either through clipboard communication or through alternate file-format interpretation. Also, you expect common shortcut keys to work, and other details such as paging or mouse wheel behavior to function. Another reason that there is more demand on a desktop application is security. Because the user has to agree to trust the application s publisher, it is your responsibility to remove any potential risks that your application may pose. One inescapable reason why there is demand for more application features is the method of delivery. A Web application can often be delivered in the browser with a single click. For an AIR application, you often have a Web page that explains and provides the installer file, and then the user has to go through the install process. Of course, this process is more involved for a purpose, because the user should always be given the chance to accept and control the installation of software. Still, as a software distributor, you need to provide enough promise of functionality to convince a user to download and install the application.