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The Twitter API provides dates in the standard XML date format of dd:mm-yyyy, which is widely used by Web services. Unfortunately, ActionScript 3.0 does not provide built-in support for this format at the time of this writing. The ActionScript 3.0 Date object does accept several string formats for dates using the Date object method parseDate. A simple utility for XML Date conversion has been included in the org.airbible.utils.* package found on
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The Main class creates a Twitter object and attaches event listeners to it so that when Twitter events are received, it can process the results and pass them along to Toaster. Before any events occur, Main passes a reference to the created Twitter object, to both LoginWindow and UpdateWindow when they are instantiated. Once the event listeners are added to the Twitter object and the username and password are set, a Timer object checks the Twitter status every five minutes. Timer needs an event listener to execute the method checkForUpdates(e:TimerEvent), which uses the Twitter instance method called loadFriendsTimeline(userID). Notice that the loadFriendsTimeline method requires a username but no password. It is required that you set the username and password before using this method to access the timelines of all friends of the user. The call to loadFriendsTimeline is asynchronous, and its response comes in the form of a TwitterEvent that broadcasts when the status has been retrieved. This TwitterEvent contains a property called data, which contains an array of TwitterStatus objects. As discussed in the section on using the Twitter API, each TwitterStatus object contains the Twitter updates. In the handler of loadFriendsTimeline, you need to inspect the status IDs contained in the returned array. Only TwitterStatus objects with IDs that are newer than the last stored ID should be sent to the Toaster. You can sort through the array using a simple for loop that iterates through the returned array, sends items that are valid to the Toaster, records the latest item s ID in the array, and sends it to the stored location for future sorting. Because this sort is done every five minutes or as frequently as you ve set it, it is important to do this efficiently. It is possible that a user may have a very long list of updates to sort through. It would be more efficient to iterate from the end of the array to the beginning. This way, if the first item compared is invalid, iterating from the end saves the time it would take to go through all the items in the array.
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Here is what this sort method will look like:
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protected function statusUpdateHandler( statusList:Array ):Array { var list:Array = as Array; var valid:Array = []; var status:TwitterStatus; var last:int = lastStoredId; for ( var i:int = list.length; i >= 0; i -- ) { status = list[i] as TwitterStatus; if ( status.ID > last ) { valid.push( status ) } else { if ( valid.length > 0 ) { sendListToToaster( valid ); } return; } } }
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The array of valid items, if there are any, is sent to the method sendListToToaster:
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protected function sendListToToaster( statusList:Array ):void { storeLastId( TwitterStatus( valid[0] ).ID ); for ( var m:int = 0; m < statusList.length; m ++ ) { Toaster.addItem( TwitterStatus( statusList[m] ) ); } }
Listing 12.17 shows what the whole finished Main class looks like. There are features available in the Twitter API that this sample application doesn t give access to, such as adding and removing friends, displaying user icons, and viewing the updates in a static form other than Toast windows. It should be fairly straightforward to add these features, as the Twitter package exposes most of these features.
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