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Toast windows
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Creating a toast window requires that you create a new NativeWindow instance to contain the visible containers for the toast and to show the bounds and text of a Twitter message. Given that you can consider the Toast class s relationship to the NativeWindow class to be an Is a relationship instead of a Has a relationship, make the Toast class a subclass of NativeWindow. Subclassing NativeWindow is a common way of creating custom windows using ActionScript and is often more convenient than using composition. To create the Toast class, follow these steps:
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1. Create the class. 2. Use the extends keyword to subclass NativeWindow, as shown in Listing 12.12. The Toast window is created. 3. Use a simple MovieClip to display the name, time, and content of the twitter event. The MovieClip should use the linkage org.airbible.twitter. EventWindow and needs to have three dynamic TextFields named nameTF, timeTF, and contentTF.
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Part III
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The Toast windows create their own NativeWindowInitOptions instance upon initialization. Each Toast window will have the same options. Toast windows always appear on top of other windows so the NativeWindowInitOptions instance property alwaysOnTop will be set to true. Because the windows will be disappearing automatically on their own without user interaction, you can set the systemChrome property to NativeWindowSystemChrome.NONE. A Toast instance is created for every Twitter update and responds to a TwitterStatus object passed to it that contains the information related to a Twitter update. Each TwitterStatus instance has several properties, but for this sample application, only the username, time created, and update text will be used for display in the Toast instances.
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Superclass Constructor
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n the Toast constructor, the special function super()relays the NativeWindowInitOptions to the superclass NativeWindow. When subclassing a class that uses a superclass constructor, it is good practice to use the super() method to let readers of a class know that a superclass constructor is being used. In the case of the Toast class, the constructor requires one parameter, which is an instance of the NativeWindowInitOptions class. Because Toast requires a TwitterStatus instance instead of a NativeWindowInitOptions instance, it is necessary to pass the NativeWindowInitOptions instance to the superclass NativeWindow.
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Using Native Operating System Windows
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LISTING 12.12 package org.airbible.twitter { import flash.display.NativeWindow; import flash.display.NativeWindowInitOptions; import flash.display.NativeWindowSystemChrome; import flash.display.NativeWindowType; import; public class Toast extends NativeWindow { public static const WIDTH:int = 200; public static const HEIGHT:int = 150; public static const TIMEOUT:int = 5000; protected var eventMovie:EventMovie; protected var closeTimer:Timer; public function Toast( status:TwitterStatus ) { var options:NativeWindowInitOptions = new NativeWindowInitOptions(); options.systemChrome = NativeWindowSystemChrome.NONE; options.transparent = true; options.type = NativeWindowType.LIGHTWEIGHT; super( options ); open(); } protected function open():void { eventWindow = new EventWindow(); eventWindow.nameTF =; eventWindow.timeTF = status.createdAt; eventWindow.contentTF = status.text; addChild( eventWindow ); } Protected function close( e:Event ):void { // close actions } Protected function setAutoClose():void { closeTimer = new Timer( TIMEOUT, 1 ); closeTimer.addEventListener( Timer, close ); closeTimer.start(); } } }
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The Toaster
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The Toaster class is the class that will be responsible for managing and creating the instances of the Toast windows; hence the name Toaster. The Toast windows themselves have methods for showing and hiding themselves, but their position on-screen is a responsibility best left to a managing class like Toaster. When Toaster creates the Toast instances, it controls each instance s location on-screen and animates them upward as the Twitter messages arrive.
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Toaster will receive TwitterEvents from the Main application class and will use these events to create the Toast windows. Each TwitterEvent contains instances of TwitterStatus objects, which contain properties that pertain to each Twitter status update. These properties are: // the date and time of the update creation as a Date object public var createdAt:Date; // the id number of the event represented of the type Number public var ID:Number; // the update text as String ie: going shopping public var text:String; // The TwitterUser object for the user that posted the update public var user:TwitterUser;
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The user property of the TwitterStatus object represents the user who posted the update and contains properties that can be used to identify the user. The TwitterUser properties screen Name and profileImageURL display the user s identification in the Toast instance. Toaster will pass the TwitterStatus object to the Toast object when it creates Toast instances. Toast uses the information in each TwitterStatus to display itself. The Toaster class uses static constant properties of the Toast classes WIDTH and HEIGHT along with the Screen.mainScreen.visibleBounds object s width and height properties to determine the positioning of the Toast windows. It stores a default position based on these properties, which represent where a Toast window is placed when first created. If there are windows already being displayed when creating a new window, they move above the new window until they time out or are interacted with. This default position is stored as a Point object that is created upon initialization of the Toaster, as shown in Listing 12.13.
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