Twitter Client Sample Application in .NET

Access qrcode in .NET Twitter Client Sample Application
Twitter Client Sample Application
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Twitter is a simple Web service used socially and professionally to keep people updated on events. The service updates a set of user feeds generated by short updates posted by users. A Twitter user has a friend list similar to many of the popular instant messaging protocols. For example, if you have ten friends on your list, an XML feed notifies you of their updates. This chapter s sample application uses a simple Twitter client as a means of illustrating several uses of Native Windows and icons in an operating system. It will also use alerts in the Windows taskbar menu or the docs in OS X and what are commonly referred to as Toast-styled alert windows. Toast windows are windows that pop up like pieces of toast from a toaster on the bottom-right side of the taskbar. These windows serve as an unintrusive way to alert the user of events. As of this writing, the Twitter API is openly available for use on, and the version of the ActionScript 3.0 library used in this example will be kept on You can use the ActionScript library to access the API.
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Part III
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Using the Twitter API
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The Twitter API provides methods for reading and broadcasting updates. In this sample application, you ll read from a Twitter feed that represents all the users in your friend list. You ll also be able to broadcast your updates. There are a few other features available to Twitter, such as a public feed and a single user s feed, both of which function similarly to listening to a group feed. To interact with the Twitter API using the ActionScript 3.0 library, download the package from Once you ve downloaded the package, put it in your project folder in the correct classpath location. You can find the class that will handle most of your requests for sending and receiving events in the TwitterAPI class, which is located in the twitter.api package. There are three other classes that you ll need in order to interact with Twitter: TwitterStatus, TwitterUser, and TwitterEvent. Before doing anything with TwitterAPI, you must set the username and password by using TwitterAPI. setAuth(username, password ).
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As of this writing, the Twitter API uses a HTTP Basic Authentication. Though it is simple to use and widely supported, it is not entirely secure because the authentication information is passed as plain text and can easily be intercepted. has stated their intention to improve this aspect of the Twitter API, so be sure to check the Twitter site for updates on authentication.
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Using the Twitter API library is as simple as creating a TwitterAPI instance and accessing its methods. Because the methods used by TwitterAPI are asynchronous, you also need to react to events that the TwitterAPI class generates, and you need to attach event listeners and handle the events when they occur. Listing 12.11 demonstrates how to create the TwitterAPI instance, set the username and password, attach listeners, and then handle the event that corresponds to the method called.
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LISTING 12.11 tw.setAuth( username , password ); tw.addEventListener( TwitterEvent.ON_FRIENDS_TIMELINE_RESULT, updateAlerts ); tw.loadFriendsTimeline( username.text ); public function updateFriendsAlerts( e:TwitterEvent ):void { var items:Array = as Array; for( var i:int = 0; i < items.length; i ++ ) { var status:TwitterStatus = TwitterStatus( items[i] ); trace( status.user + : + status.text ); } } // traces some username: some twitter alert
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Using Native Operating System Windows
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Creating Toast-styled windows
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Toast-styled windows are windows with no chrome that exist shortly on the very front of the OS s display list. Toast windows disappear promptly after alerting the user and are used to alert the user of events without being invasive or requiring user action to disable them. To create these toast windows cleanly, you ll need two classes: the class, which will represent the toast messages themselves and their visual representation; and the class, which will handle generating the Toast instances and managing their display positions on-screen. The data being displayed on the Toast windows will be in the format of the TwitterEvent and contained in the event s property called data, which is an array of TwitterStatus instances. The TwitterStatus class represents a single status update.
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