Specification for the SELECT Statement in .NET

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Specification for the SELECT Statement
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SELECT [ALL | DISTINCT] resultList [FROM tableList] [WHERE constraintExpression] [GROUP BY groupExpressionList] [HAVING constraintExpression] [UNION | UNION ALL | INTERSECT | EXCEPT selectStatement] [ORDER BY expressionList] [LIMIT integer [OFFSET integer]
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SQLite Databases
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Notice that with SELECT statements in particular, the code listings in this book adopt the convention of keeping SQL keywords in a column to the left and expressions and values to the right. Some SQL programmers even insist on right-justifying the keywords and left-justifying the values to get everything lined up in a neat little column.
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This section takes the SELECT statement one line at a time. The only line that is required in a SELECT statement is the first line in this list. If you specify DISTINCT, then duplicate results will be omitted, which might be used to get a list of all the music genres you have in your library. Otherwise, you will get all rows matching the rest of your SELECT statement. The resultList is usually the list of columns you want returned. To get all columns from all tables, use the asterisk as mentioned earlier you can get a complete dump of your database using SELECT *. Otherwise, you give a comma-delimited list of tables and the desired columns from each table. To get all the columns from a particular table, use tableName.*; to get only certain columns, use tableName.columnName1, tableName.columnName2, . You may also choose to have the SELECT statement perform an aggregate function on columns from your tables. This option is explored in the discussion of the GROUP BY clause later. Another option for the resultList is an expression, which means that you want the SELECT statement to return a value instead of a table. This may not be terribly useful by itself, but could be very handy when used as a part of a more complex SQL statement. Some examples of expressions that you can use are listed in Table 11.2.
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TABLE 11.2
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SELECT Statements that Return a Value
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SELECT random() SELECT MAX(x, y, z) SELECT SUM(x, y, z)
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Returns a random 64-bit integer (between 9223372036854775808 and 9223372036854775807) Returns the largest value from the list Returns the sum of the non-null values in the list
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The FROM clause and the JOIN clause
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The FROM clause lists th e tables you wish to use to select data, but more importantly, it is how you guide SQL to match a row from one table with a row from another. When you have multiple tables, you can specify how the rows line up using JOIN. Behind the scenes, joining tables actually creates a series of loops in most cases, as SQL needs to look through tables to find values matching those from the tables they are being joined with. For this reason, JOIN plays an important role in how efficient your searches are, and therefore should be a factor you consider when architecting your database. If you join a table to another, you
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Part III
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are using one or more columns from each table to decide which row (or rows) from the first table should line up with which row (or rows) from the second. Whatever the conditions are, SQL has to search the second table to find rows that meet the conditions it found in the first. If you have specified that the columns it uses should be used as an INDEX, you make this search significantly easier. An INDEX should not be confused with a PRIMARY KEY, given there is no requirement that a value in an INDEX column be distinct. To set up a column to be indexed, you use the CREATE INDEX command. The JOIN clause is specified as:
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[NATURAL] [LEFT | RIGHT | FULL] [OUTER | INNER | CROSS] JOIN [ON linkExpression] [USING linkColumnList]
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