Dragging and Dropping in .NET

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Dragging and Dropping
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Now that AbstractPost is complete, you can create a few basic concrete classes that will subclass AbstractPost and implement an actual post. This sample application walks you through a text post, a photo post, and a quote post. Adding support for additional types of posts should be easy once you re comfortable creating these posts using AbstractPost.
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A regular post is the simplest form of post and requires little work. Essentially a simple text post, it only requires two additional arguments that AbstractPost does not already handle: Title and Body. The Body argument can be either plain text or HTML text. Listing 10.7 shows what the RegularPost class looks like.
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LISTING 10.7 package org.airbible.tumblr.posts { import flash.events.HTTPStatusEvent; import flash.net.URLLoader; import flash.net.URLRequestHeader; import flash.net.URLRequestMethod; public class RegularPost extends AbstractPost { protected var title:String; protected var body:String; public function RegularPost( title:String, body:String, isPrivate:Boolean=false) { // uses the super keyword to access the AbstractPost constructor super( PostType.REGULAR ); // adds the title and body arguments to variables variables.title = title; variables.body = body; } override public function send():void { // uses super.sent() to execute AbstractPost s send method super.send(); // uses the URLLoader class to send the post to Tumblr var loader:URLLoader = new URLLoader(); loader.load( request ); } } }
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The PhotoPost class works nearly identically to RegularPost but accepts a File object and a caption String instead of body and header. PhotoPost uses the assigned File object to upload the file along with the URLVariables and URLRequest objects instead of the URLLoader class because it is sending both a physical file and text data. Listing 10.8 demonstrates the PhotoPost class.
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Dragging and Dropping
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LISTING 10.8 package org.airbible.tumblr.posts { import flash.filesystem.File; public class PhotoPost extends AbstractPost { protected var file:File; public function PhotoPost( file:File, caption:String, isPrivate:Boolean=false ) { super( PostType.PHOTO, isPrivate ); variables.caption = caption; this.file = file; } override public function send():void { super.send(); file.upload( request, data ); } } }
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Dragging files
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Now that the posts and application structure have been taken care of, you can focus on the purpose of this sample application: dragging! The two forms covered in this section are the form for sending a regular post and the form for sending photo posts. You can create both of these forms using MXML and built-in Flex components for layout and UI, such as the TextInput, Button, Canvas, Hbox, and Vbox components. This section doesn t focus on the component usage too much here. To keep things simple and save trees, this exercise uses minimal MXML to describe the components used in these forms, but includes a complete MXML layout for each form at the end of each Form section.
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To become more familiar with MXML and the components used in this section, refer 4.
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The RegularForm.mxml component includes TextInput fields for both the title and body arguments used by the RegularPost class, and a Submit button component to send the post to the RegularPost class for submission. The two TextInput fields will be drag targets for dragging text into, but will allow the user the option to type text, also. Once functionality is ready, you can customize the look and feel of this form, but for now you ll just create the two TextInput fields, two Text components to label them, and the Submit button. See Figure 10.1 to see what this looks like when compiled. Listing 10.9 shows what the two TextInput fields and the Submit button will look like in MXML.
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FIGURE 10.1 Creating TextInput fields, Text components, and the Submit button
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LISTING 10.9 <mx:Canvas xmlns:mx= http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml xmlns:ns1= org.airbible.tumblr.forms.* > <mx:Text text= Title /> <mx:TextInput id= titleField width= 100% /> <mx:Text text= Body /> <mx:TextArea id= titleField width= 100% height= 100% /> <mx:Button id= submitBtn label= Submit width= 100% /> </mx:Canvas>
Dragging and Dropping
Now that you have the UI elements you ll be using, you can start adding inline ActionScript in a <mx:Script> node to add support for dragging text into these fields. Notice that the TextInput and TextArea components have IDs: These will be used for access in ActionScript when you add the drag event listeners. To start adding functionality, add the initialize listener to the Canvas component and add the method onInitialize in inline ActionScript inside the <mx:Script> node (see Listing 10.10).
LISTING 10.10 <mx:Canvas xmlns:mx= http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml xmlns:ns1= org.airbible.tumblr.forms.* initialize= onInitialize( event ) > <mx:Text text= Title /> <mx:TextInput id= titleField width= 100% /> <mx:Text text= Body /> <mx:TextArea id= titleField width= 100% height= 100% /> <mx:Button id= submitBtn label= Submit width= 100% /> <mx:Script> <![CDATA[ protected function onInitialize( e:Event ):void { // add initialize code } ]]> </mx:Script> </mx:Canvas>
Next you ll add event handlers for the NativeDragEvent.NATIVE_DRAG_ENTER, NativeDragEvent.NATIVE_DRAG_DROP, and submitBtn click event handler, as shown here:
protected protected protected protected protected function function function function function onTitleDragEnter( e:NativeDragEvent ):void {} onTitleDragDrop( e:NativeDragEvent ):void {} onBodyDragEnter( e:NativeDragEvent ):void {} onBodyDragDrop( e:NativeDragEvent ):void {} onSubmitHandler( e:MouseEvent ):void {}
When the user drags an item over the titleField or bodyField input fields, onDragEnter Handler is called and needs to analyze the dragged contents to verify that it contains text that can be placed in the fields. If the user drops the items, onDragDropHandler is called to handle the Clipboard object dropped into the field.