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Drag and drop classes Dragging out Sample application
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Part III
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Drag and Drop Classes
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Dragging-and-dropping in AIR is supported by the use of native AIR classes and several events that occur every time an item is dragged. The drag-and-drop API consists of three AIR specific classes and also uses the Clipboard object to hold the data that is transferred when items are dragged or dropped. There are two sets of AIR-only classes used for dragging-and-dropping. The first set is specifically related to the drag-and-drop actions in AIR, and the second is the set of classes used to access the data that is dragged and dropped (part of the AIR Clipboard API). This chapter discusses how to access the Clipboard object for dragging-and-dropping.
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We recommend that you read up on the Clipboard object in 9 for more details on accessing the operating system clipboard.
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The NativeDragManager class manages drag-and-drop operations in an AIR application and provides the coordination between an AIR application and the operating system; other applications, including AIR applications; and components inside the originating AIR application. NativeDragManager is responsible for displaying things such as the mouse icons displayed during certain drag operations, indicating to the user if a drop target is a compatible target and what type of drop it would be. NativeDragManager also provides the doDrag()method, which allows you to drag items within AIR out of the originating AIR application for such activities as dragging an image from AIR to the desktop or other applications.
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The NativeDragOptions class specifies the actions that a source of a drag operation should allow. The options are allowLink, allowCopy, and allowMove; they are all Boolean values that are set to true by default. These options are only used as references when operating on data being transferred using drag operations and serve as a hint to the operating system; it is left to the initiator and the target drag-and-drop objects to handle the operation appropriately. An initiating object should set the NativeDragEvent s drag options property to the operations that should be supported. If you don t intend for sent data to be moved or deleted, you should set the NativeDragOptions properties accordingly.
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The NativeDragEvent class alerts AIR of the several events associated with dragging-anddropping, such as an entering drag and drag-dropping. NativeDragEvent contains the clipboard data when an item is dragged over a potential drag-drop target and is used to both validate the data being dragged and to accept a drag-drop. NativeDragEvents are dispatched to two types of drag elements: the initiating drag element and the receiving drag element.
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Dragging and Dropping
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Initiating drag elements are the components or objects that initiate a drag gesture. The following events are dispatched to an object that is the origin of a drag gesture:
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nativeDragStart nativeDragUpdate nativeDragComplete
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The receiving element, or drag target, is dispatched to the following drag events: nativeDragEnter: Dispatched when the drag gesture is dragged into the boundaries of a drag target. nativeDragOver: Dispatched while the drag gesture is inside the drag target and the mouse moves. nativeDragExit: Dispatched when the drag gesture exits the boundaries of a drag target. nativeDragDrop: Dispatched when the user drops a drag item onto a drag target and NativeDragManager has been notified that the drag target is a valid drop target using the NativeDragManager.acceptDragDrop method.
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Similar to NativeDragOptions, NativeDragActions contains static constant string variables that are used to represent the NativeDragOptions available to a drag option. The NativeDragAction constants are COPY, LINK, MOVE, and NONE.
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The Clipboard class serves to contain objects that contain the data used when dragging-anddropping objects in AIR. The Clipboard object can contain several types of formatted data including bitmap, file list, HTML, text, and URL-formatted data.
For further details on using the clipboard and the different formats available to the Clipboard object, refer to 9.