Using the Filesystem in .NET

Encoding QR Code ISO/IEC18004 in .NET Using the Filesystem
Using the Filesystem
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LISTING 8.16 case NEW: newFileButton.enabled = false; openFileButton.enabled = false; closeFileButton.enabled = true; saveFileButton.enabled = false; saveAsFileButton.enabled = true; textArea.eneabled = false; break; case OPENED: newFileButton.enabled = false; openFileButton.enabled = false; closeFileButton.enabled = true; saveFileButton.enabled = true; saveAsFileButton.enabled = true; textArea.enabled = true; break; case CHANGED: newFileButton.enabled = false; openFileButton.enabled = false; closeFileButton.enabled = true; saveFileButton.enabled = true; saveAsFileButton.enabled = true; break; case CLOSED: newFileButton.enabled = true; openFileButton.enabled = true; closeFileButton.enabled = false; saveFileButton.enabled = false; saveAsFileButton.enabled = false; textArea.text = ; textArea.enabled = false; break;
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Managing Simple Text Editor s application state
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Now that you have your application s state ready to go, simply attach all your event listeners to methods that in turn set your state. Next, create File objects to reference new or existing files, and then access TextFileStream to open and save them. Before you assign the event handlers, you need to make them. Here are the empty event handlers you ll use:
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private private private private private private function function function function function function onNewClickedHandler( e:Event ):void {} onOpenClickedHandler( e:Event ):void {} onCloseClickedHandler( e:Event ):void {} onSaveClickedHandler( e:Event ):void {} onSaveAsClickedHandler( e:Event ):void {} onTextChangedHandler( e:Event ):void {}
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Next create a method called setEventHandlers and add the event handler functions you ve just created using addEventListener (see Listing 8.17).
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LISTING 8.17 private function setEventHandlers():void { newFileButton.addEventListener( MouseEvent.CLICK, onNewClickedHandler ); openFileButton.addEventListener( MouseEvent.CLICK, onNewClickedHandler ); closeFileButton.addEventListener( MouseEvent.CLICK, onCloseClickedHandler ); saveFileButton.addEventListener( MouseEvent.CLICK, onSaveClickedHandler ); saveAsFileButton.addEventListener( MouseEvent.CLICK, onSaveAsClickedHandler ); textArea.addEventListener( MouseEvent.CLICK, onTextChangedHandler ); }
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Using the Filesystem
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You can also assign event handlers to buttons using MXML, like this:
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<mx:Button x= 10 y= 10 label= Open id= openFileBtn click= onClickHandler( event ); />
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You may notice that when you compile this, you are given no compilation errors or warnings if you are missing methods that are referenced by this MXML. If you are using Flex Builder, you will, however, notice problem markers that indicate that you ve referenced nonexistent methods. This inconsistency is cause for concern. When coding in ActionScript 3.0, you would normally not be able to compile without errors when referencing a property that does not exist. As a developer, you want these errors so that you can avoid having to find out that there are problems at run time and then having to spend extra time discovering that your application isn t behaving as intended because you ve forgotten to write a method or have misspelled the name of a property. Before you fill in your event handlers, prepare your constructor to instantiate both a File object and a TextFileStream object. You need to create private variables for both of these objects in order to access them throughout Finally, for your constructor, you need to set the types of files you will allow FileFilter to open, and then add a call to setEventHandlers(). Listing 8.18 demonstrates these steps.
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LISTING 8.18 private var file:File; private var textFile:TextFileStream; private var fileFilter:FileFilter; public function Main() { addEventListener( FlexEvent.CREATION_COMPLETE, run ); } private function run():void { file = new File(); textFile = new TextFileStream(); fileTypes= new FileFilter( Text , *.as;*.css;*.html;*.txt;*.xml;*. js; ); setEventHandlers(); }
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Your next step is filling in the event handlers. Add a couple more methods to handle events, such as for when you use the operating system file-browsing dialog box to select file locations. Add a method for the open and save as event handlers that will handle the file location selections made by the operating system. First, populate the event handlers that won t require you to use extra event handlers or properties as in Listing 8.19.
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LISTING 8.19 private function onNewClickedHandler( e:Event ):void { setState( NEW ); } private function onSaveClickedHandler( e:Event ):void { file, textArea.text ); setState( OPEN ); }
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Next up is your Open event handler as shown in Listing 8.20. OnOpenClickedHandler will use an event listener to listen to the Event.SELECT event generated when you use browseForOpen to trigger the file browse menu. Once this event occurs, your File object has a file location to pass to your TextFileStream object that uses FileStream to open the document and return its content to Main.
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LISTING 8.20 private function onOpenClickedHandler( e:Event ):void { file.browseForOpen( Open , [fileTypes]); file.addEventListener( Event.SELECT, onOpenDialogComplete ); } private function onOpenDialogComplete( event:Event ):void { file ); file.removeEventListener( Event.SELECT, onOpenDialogComplete ); setState( OPENED ); }