TextFileStream s API in .NET

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TextFileStream s API
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Since TextFileStream is a wrapper class for FileStream, it will serve nearly the same purpose of FileStream and will be a virtual representation of a text file, either an opened file or a file to be saved to the filesystem. Its content, however, will not be represented directly by TextFileStream itself, though it should provide methods for accessing its content. TextFileStream will handle the opening, closing, and saving of text files by using FileStream by means of composition. However, like FileStream, TextFileStream requires that a File instance be provided, as it will not be responsible for finding or setting document locations; this will be done in Main. As TextFileStream is responsible for opening, saving, and closing text documents, you need to create appropriately named methods for use by Main.as. After opening a file, return the contents of the file, but for ease of use and later retrieval of content, you ll also expose a TextFileStream s content. Listing 8.12 demonstrates TextFileStream s API.
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Using the Filesystem
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LISTING 8.12 package com.airbible.samples.simpletext { import flash.filesytem.File; public class TextFileStream { // The constructor public function TextFileStream() {} // Gets the current content public function get content():String {} // opens a file from a File, and returns the content public function open( file : File ) : String {} // closes the TextFileStream and clears its content public function close() : void {} // saves a file to the given location public function save( file : File, txt:String ) : void {} } }
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Building TextFileStream
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Now that you have TextFileStream s API worked out, you can move on to fleshing out its methods. Most of this will be relatively simple since you ll simply be using composition to mimic some of the behaviors of FileStream. First start with the constructor; you ll need to create an instance of FileStream and store it in a private instance variable. Here s what it will look like:
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private var fs:FileStream; public function TextFileStream() { fs = new FileStream(); }
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Next you ll work on open() and close() as shown in Listing 8.13. Notice that both methods close the FileStream. It s important to close the file stream when you re done in order to allow other applications to access the file and to free up resources. Also notice that you re going to open the file in FileMode.READ mode, since all you need to do in open() is obtain the contents of the file.
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Part III
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Create Read-Only Properties
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Though you can use public variables instead of the intrinsic get and set accessor methods, these methods allow free access to outside classes to modify the property. In many cases this could be a risk. You won t want other classes inadvertently overwriting your _content property. By using a getter accessor method and not including a setter method, you are effectively creating a readonly property. If you re new to ActionScript 3.0, you may also want to look into the various access modifiers newly available in 3.0 that also help control the access to classes, properties, and methods.
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LISTING 8.13 // opens a file from a File, and returns the content public function open( file : File ) : String { fs.open( file, FileMode.READ ); _content = fs.readUTFBytes( fs.bytesAvailable ); fs.close(); return _content; } // closes the TextFileStream and clears its content public function close() : void { _content = null; fs.close(); }
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Using the Filesystem
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Now that the open() and close() methods are completed, move on to the exciting part: saving! For this application simply accept a File instance and new content to save to the file location. Notice you have two parameters already in your API just for this. When you re done with the saving, make sure to store the new content in _content and close the file stream.
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public function save( file:File, txt:String ) : void { fs.open( file, FileMode.WRITE ); fs.writeUTFBytes( txt ); _content = txt; fs.close(); }
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You ve got one final task for TextFileStream: the content accessor method. You want to expose the content of the files you open and save so that other objects can use TextFileStream to store the content of a file for reference whenever the TextFileStream is open. You also need a private variable inside of TextFileStream to store the content.
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// a private variable to store the content private var _content:String; // a getter for _content. public function get content():String { return _content; }
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And that s that! You re all done with TextFileStream. It should be easy for Main to use, as well as other classes in the future. Refer to Listing 8.14 to see what the finished class looks like.
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