Signing your application in .NET

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Signing your application
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Certificates are stored as either PFX or P12 files and are typically stored as backup certificate files from browsers such as Firefox or Internet Explorer. Once you have generated and saved your certificate with an associated protection password, you are ready to use it with ADT (a command-line development tool for AIR; for more details see 17), Flash CS3, Flex 3, or Dreamweaver CS3. Note that you must install the AIR support extensions for Flash and Dreamweaver before you can apply the certificate to an AIR application (see 2 to learn how to install these extensions). In Flash, Flex, and Dreamweaver, a dialog box appears (when you publish an AIR application) that includes options for signing with a digital certificate, as shown in Figure 5.1. To sign your application, follow these steps:
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1. Browse for the certificate that was saved when you stored the PFX or P12 file. Locate and select the certificate. 2. Enter the password you used in order to export the certificate. 3. Use the check boxes if you would like to have your password remembered for the session and if you would like to use a timestamp.
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Development Essentials
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FIGURE 5.1 A dialog box for signing with a digital certificate
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Signature timestamps
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The timestamp option shown in the Digital Signature window in the AIR configuration dialog box of Flash, Flex, and Dreamweaver determines if the signature on the digital certificate will include the time that the application was signed. When the application installer is created, the packaging tool obtains the date and time from a timestamp authority to create an independently verifiable creation date and time. This time is embedded in the AIR file. The AIR file is installable so long as the timestamp provided is created during the time that a certificate is valid, even after the certificate expires. Without a timestamp, the AIR file is not installable after the date that the certificate expires. AIR should always be time stamped; however, if Geotrust, the authority used by the AIR packaging tools, is not available, it is possible to create an AIR file without a timestamp.
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Best practices
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With the increased risk of the added privileges granted to a desktop application, it is important for developers to take extra care to build applications that run safely and do no harm to the local system. Even though AIR takes several measures to minimize the risk of any insecurity that may harm a system, there are still ways that security vulnerabilities can be created. Best practices are an easy way to further minimize the risk of dangerous exploitations or flaws in an application. By following security best practices and actively seeking to identify and exclude risky coding techniques, your applications will be more trustworthy and harm can be avoided.
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The application sandbox
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Files included in the AIR installer are granted full privileges and are capable of reading and writing to the local filesystem. These files are also granted access to the local network as well as to the Internet. For these reasons, it is important to carefully decide which files are included with the AIR application and granted this access; it s also important to thoroughly test the application to ensure that it behaves as intended. It is especially important to use caution when importing files into the application sandbox using scripting files in an AIR file.
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Part II
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Programming for AIR Essentials
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Never use data obtained from network sources as parameters to the AIR API that may lead to code execution such as Loader.loadBytes() and the eval() method in JavaScript. Doing so can potentially lead to what is called code injection.
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Though the AIR API has access to its own application directory using either the URL app:// property or the File class property applicationDirectory, Adobe advises that AIR applications not write to or alter files in Adobe s own application directory. Instead, each AIR application has an application storage directory which can be accessed by the URL app-storage:// property or through File.applicationStorageDirectory.
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