FIGURE 4.3 The Document Properties panel in .NET

Get Quick Response Code in .NET FIGURE 4.3 The Document Properties panel
FIGURE 4.3 The Document Properties panel
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The document class must subclass the MovieClip class by using the extends keyword. In Flash, the top-level container is a MovieClip and is what is originally added to the stage. If the document class does not subclass the MovieClip class, a compile time exception will be thrown.
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Class linkage
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MovieClips in the Library can include what is called class linkage, which links them to ActionScript 3.0 classes. A MovieClip s linkage class must subclass MovieClip or the DisplayObject Container subclass set in the base class field in the MovieClip properties dialog box. When a MovieClip that has class linkage set is placed on the Timeline, the class associated with it through linkage is instantiated and its constructor method is executed. Inversely, a MovieClip contained in the Library can be instantiated in ActionScript by using the object instantiation new keyword. Unlike MovieClips that are placed on the Timeline, an ActionScript instantiated MovieClip is visible until it is added to the stage using the addChild() method of DisplayObject.
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Timeline ActionScript
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In most cases, using classes is the preferred method for using ActionScript in Flash. However, there are often small scripts or commands needed that are placed on the Timeline and that are executed
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Part II
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Programming for AIR Essentials
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when the playhead meets the frame that contains a script. The advantage of ActionScript placed on the Timeline is that it has a fixed relationship in time to other items on the Timeline. To place ActionScript on the Timeline, simply select the key frame that should contain the script and place the ActionScript in the Actions panel.
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The Highlights of Flex
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Flex is an open-source framework that combines ActionScript and MXML, a declarative XMLbased language for describing UI layout and behavior. Prior to AIR, Flex was primarily intended for rich Internet application (RIA) development to be viewed using Flash Player 9. The Flex SDK, which includes a command-line compiler and the complete Flex class library, is available as a free download from Adobe with no limitations. Adobe offers an eclipse-based IDE development environment called Flex Builder that provides a streamlined method for developing Flex applications and added development features.
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MXML is a declarative markup language based on XML and is used for laying out UI components and utilities such as animations and data sources. Markup languages have proven to be successful and popular for laying out applications, so MXML is used similarly to HTML to lay out UI elements and visual objects in a Flex application. MXML follows a more structured syntax than HTML and includes a rich set of tags such as TabNavigator, Accordian, and Menu. You can extend and customize each MXML tag. Perhaps the most important advantage of MXML is that it is rendered identically across all platforms that support Flash Player 9, including Windows, Mac OS X, and many popular Linux distributions. This cross-platform compatibility allows a wide audience to access customized rich user experiences while greatly reducing the need for extra development for each operating system.
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Basic syntax
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MXML tags typically refer to ActionScript classes and include most of the properties associated with those classes. You can use blocks of ActionScript within an MXML file by using the <mx:Script> tag. ActionScript included in the <mx:Script> tag can define variables and functions and is accessible by any component defined in the MXML file. The ActionScript for a Script tag can also be included in an external .as file by using the Script tag s source attribute. Both inline ActionScript and external ActionScript style Script tags are shown in Listing 4.8. Notice that the ActionScript code is placed inside of CDATA tags. CDATA stands for character data and is used in markup languages such as XML, HTML, and in this case MXML. CDATA tags declare to the MXML parser that the contained data is not to be parsed as MXML, but as plain text.
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