Inheriting a class in .NET

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Inheriting a class
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ActionScript uses the keyword extends in the class declaration to subclass another class. When a class inherits another class, it inherits all but its private properties and methods. It s important not to forget that private members are not inherited by subclasses. To inherit members that are effectively private, use the internal access modifier. Using the internal modifier allows members to be practically private in nature but able to be inherited.
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Inheriting a public method that uses a private member will generate compile time exceptions. It is good practice to use protected over private if you expect to use a class as a superclass. Use the final keyword when you don t want subclasses to override a member.
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For example, Listing 4.2 shows superclass class A and its methods and properties. Listing 4.3 shows subclass class B inheriting class A and therefore having the ability to use those class A methods and properties that are not set as private.
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Part II
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LISTING 4.2 package { class A{ protected var name:String = A ; public function sayName():void { trace( my name is + name ); } } }
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LISTING 4.3 package { class B extends A{ // constructor function public function B() { // traces my name is A sayName(); } } }
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Notice that the extends keyword is used directly after class B is declared and before class A. When class B is run, notice that it traces A when the method sayName is called. This is because it inherited the sayName method and the name property, which is used by sayName. This illustrates how a subclass literally inherits the members of its superclass.
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Overriding methods and properties
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In Listing 4.3, class B was essentially a copy of class A. Class B inherited the method sayName and thus traced exactly what class A would have traced. Though this is sometimes useful, it is more common for a subclass to add or alter the functionality of a superclass. You can add methods to a subclass to add functionality, or you can change inherited classes. Changing an inherited method or property is called method or property overriding. To override a method or property, use the override keyword. When a method or property name is identical to the name of a property or method of its superclass, you must use the override keyword, or a compile time error is generated. Listing 4.4 illustrates how you can override a class property so that class B traces my name is B instead of incorrectly reciting what class A says: my name is A. Notice that class B now correctly traces its name as B instead of A. This is because class B overrides the name property. Notice how in this example the functionality of class A was altered
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in class B with little effort. This is only a simple example of what can be a powerful tool for enhancing existing classes and adding functionality to already existing code.
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LISTING 4.4 Superclass: package { class A{ protected var name:String = A ; public function sayName():void { trace( my name is + name ); } } } Subclass: package { class B extends A{ override protected var name:String = B ; // constructor function public function B() { // traces my name is B sayName(); } } }
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Adding to superclass methods
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When overriding a class method, it is possible to combine a subclass s functionality with a superclass s functionality. In other words, overriding a method doesn t mean you must completely overwrite the superclass method. The super statement is used to invoke a parent superclass s version of a method when used in the constructor method. Unlike ActionScript 2.0, the call to the super constructor no longer needs to be the first statement in a constructor. When the super statement is used inside of a class method other than the constructor, the dot syntax accesses the superclass method, and the correct number and type of arguments are required. Listing 4.5 shows how to use the super statement in both a constructor and a method. Notice how Listing 4.5 uses superclass A s methods and also adds functionality to them. As you can imagine, this flexibility allows for many ways to utilize a superclass while adding specific functionality to a subclass.
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