Cascading Style Sheets in .NET

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Cascading Style Sheets
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Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS, are a way of defining themes and styles using a simple markup language. It is best to use only one style sheet for your application, so you can create a new application and start there, as shown here:
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< xml version= 1.0 encoding= utf-8 > <mx:WindowedApplication xmlns:mx= layout= absolute > <mx:Style source= application.css /> </mx:WindowedApplication>
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Using the <mx:Style> tag in your top-level MSML file allows you to define what CSS document to use throughout the application. Now you need to create that document; follow these steps:
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1. In the same folder as your main application file, use Flex Builder 3 to create a new CSS document.
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Polishing a Finished Application
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2. Select File New CSS File. Make sure you have everything set up properly by defining a background color for your application:
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/* CSS file */ WindowedApplication { backgroundColor: }
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When you run this new application, it should have a dark algae green color for a background. Gross. Now that you know that you have everything set up properly, it is a good time to explore the CSS Editor in Flex Builder 3. Take a look at the top of the editor window, shown in Figure 19.4, while you have a CSS Document selected.
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FIGURE 19.4 The editor window options for CSS documents
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The big difference here is, of course, that there is now a design view for CSS documents. This design view works very much like the Flex Style Explorer, which was a Web resource Adobe provided with Flex Builder 2. Now that it s built in, you can use this view to see all of the editable properties on a component, and use it to write much of your CSS for you. Now click the Add Style button, shown in Figure 19.5.
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FIGURE 19.5 The Add Style button
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This brings up the New Style dialog, shown in Figure 19.6. There are four Selector types in this dialog. If you use All Components (global), you can define what goes into the global tag in your CSS document. This will define your default styles. The global style element accepts style definitions for any component. Given that many style definitions apply to several types of components, it can be useful to set your own default values here. It s a good idea to select a default font style, so go ahead and select All components to choose a setting for that. It will bring up a second dialog that asks you what component to use for preview. You can choose any component that displays text, and then use the Properties panel to pick a font (see Figure 19.7).
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Part IV
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Building an Application
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FIGURE 19.6 The New Style dialog
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FIGURE 19.7 The Font selection window
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If you select the Embed this font check box, Flex will write your embed tag for you, too. Now your CSS document will look like Listing 19.1. Because you have this CSS document as the style property of your WindowedApplication component, this selection will be applied to any component you use. From this point forward, you don t need to make any distinction about what font to use unless you want it to differ from the global style. For example, notice that you are using the same color for the font that you are using for the background. This might work fine in components that have a visible background color, but we do need to make sure that we don t put any text against the background without changing the color. The Text component usually has a transparent background, so we will change the font color for all instances of that component with the following steps:
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1. Bring up the New Style dialog box again (see Figure 19.6). 2. Select Specific component, and find Text in the drop-down list. 3. Choose a color that stands out against the background, so you won t have to worry about being able to read Text components anymore.
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