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Building an Application
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Of course, logic should always dictate the overall structure of your application, but the mental aspect is critical to knowing when a particular object or system has gotten too complicated. If the role of a particular piece isn t clear to every developer who works on the project, then it is more likely that the piece s role will be modified or expanded erroneously.
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FIGURE 16.2 Ravioli code is as bite-sized and self-contained as possible.
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If you visualize your objects as ravioli and work to keep them bite-sized and self-contained, your objects should be simple and encapsulated. Encapsulation is a fundamental principle of objectoriented programming, which stresses the importance of letting objects keep their information to themselves as much as possible. The interface between classes should be as simple as possible so that if one class changes, the interface doesn t have to. Encapsulation, as a principle, is similar to the fa ade design pattern. The fa ade pattern is essentially the idea that a complex system should have a simple interface, so the code that uses the system will not be tightly coupled to the complex underpinnings. If two objects become too closely
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related in this way, modifications to one object invariably require modifications to the other. Encapsulation really means that this concept to keep the interface as simple as possible should be applied to every object.
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The other aspect of ravioli code is that each object should be bite-sized. This is more related to the human aspect of programming. If you are building an application with a team of other developers, communication is one of the most important reasons for employing best practices. Most of these practices are designed to keep code understandable and flexible. If it is difficult to communicate the purpose of a particular object or class, then that object or class is at risk of being misused. Poor communication is a major cause of chaotic code. In fact, poorly documented or incomprehensible solutions can be considered forms of poor communication, and these factors together account for most code chaos. It is not always possible to implement a truly simple solution or to encapsulate a complex solution into a neat piece of ravioli. These situations call for documentation. It should always be easy to find a clear explanation, from the ground up, for any system that is not self-explanatory.
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The second law of thermodynamics states, basically, that a system with no outside influence will tend towards chaos. A real-world example of this would be an ice sculpture if left unattended, it will melt into water and the sculpture will become unrecognizable. The second law of thermodynamics is commonly referred to as the law of entropy, and it applies to programming as well. In particular, it applies to the architecture and planning that go into a complex project at the beginning. As you implement the architecture that you had initially intended, you begin to focus on details. Sometimes these details necessarily change the original plan, and sometimes corners are cut simply to meet a goal. In any large project, there will be a time when you consciously make a decision whether to fix a certain piece of code now or to move forward with the intention of fixing it later. This decision is always weighted by time constraints or other external pressures, and it is often a difficult decision, even for those who fully comprehend the risk. If you choose to move forward without fixing the code, then one of two things will happen: either there will not be a significant amount of demand placed on that piece of code, and it will be easily replaced in the future, or there will be enough demand on that piece of code that it infects related elements with equally chaotic implementations. This is entropy at work on your architecture. The solution to code entropy comes from the second law of thermodynamics remember that this will only happen when a system is left unattended. Tending to code that has become problematic is called refactoring. When you refactor code, you start with a working system in which certain
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