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inhomogeneity of the ionosphere is an important factor in determining VHF/X-band wave propagation conditions (see References [1 3,7,11,12]). As a result, interest in satellite communications has stimulated investigations of ionospheric properties, in particular, the analysis of the spatial temporal distribution of ionospheric irregularities [8 10]. Many experiments are carried out using ground facilities (radars and ionosondes) [13 20]. The methods of active modi cation of the ionosphere [21 27] and direct satellite measurements [28,29] show that in the normal ionosphere there exists a wide spectrum of irregular inhomogeneities, which cause a number of radio physical effects, such as interference, scattering, diffraction, and refraction of radio waves passing through the ionosphere, variations of the incident angles of re ected waves, the multirays effect, and so on [30 37]. When waves are propagated through an irregular medium, small-angle scattering causes what is known as scintillation. We must note that the same phenomenon was found in the troposphere (see Section 6.3). All these effects result in amplitude and phase uctuations of radio signals near the ground surface, change in the duration and shape of radio waves, and nally a decrease in the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR or S/N). The in uence of inhomogeneities with various scales (large-scale and smallscale) on the effectiveness of the satellite-terrestrial communication will be discussed in Sections 7.2.1 to 7.2.3. It should be emphasized that because of the nature of the problem, it is necessary to employ various approximations to obtain useful results and therefore approximation techniques applicable to a variety of different plasma inhomogeneities are presented. 7.2.1. Propagation Effects of Large-Scale Inhomogeneities In a spherical-symmetric homogeneous ionosphere, radio waves propagate in a plane of a great circle [1 7]. In the presence of large-scale inhomogeneities (with the horizontal scale L larger than the radius of the rst Fresnel zone dF lR 1=2 , where l is the wavelength and R is the distance from the ground facilities to the inhomogeneous area of the ionosphere, L ) dF ) the radio waves can change their direction from this plane. Main Equations. The wave equation (3.142), introduced in 3 for the description of radio wave propagation in an isotropic medium, such as plasma, written in Cartesian coordinate system with the origin in the center of the Earth and for the radiation frequency exceeding plasma hydromantic frequency, o0 ) oHe , can be reduced to the following form:
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2 E k0 eE 0
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where E is the component of electric eld of the radio wave along the radius-vector r, k0 2p=l, e e r is the complex relative dielectric permittivity of the ionospheric plasma, R jrj, o0 is the wave frequency, oHe is the electron hydro frequency, and c is the speed of light. Neglecting absorption and taking the case
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when the frequency o0 is more than the plasma frequency ope the dielectric permittivity can be presented as e 1 o2 pe o2 0 7:27
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Clearly the plasma frequency is a function of the spatial coordinates. Let us present the eld E as [7,11,12] E E r exp iF r 7:28
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where E is the amplitude and (r) is the phase of the radio wave. The wave vector is k rF r 7:29
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For small variations of the amplitude at distances comparable with the wave length, from (7.26) (7.29) one obtains
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2 k2 k0 e r
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Method of Characteristics. After differentiating Equation (7.30) and knowing the relationship rk rr r 0, the equation for the wave vector k was found to be [11,12] k r k 1=2 k0 re r 7:31
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The solution of Equation (7.31) can be de ned using the method of characteristics used in References [11,12]. This method transforms (7.31) into a characteristic equation, which in the spherical coordinate system fr; y; jg can be presented for all the components of wave vector k fkr ; kj ; ky g as dr dy dj dkr dky r r sin y 2 2 2 2 kr ky kj k0 @ r 2 e kr ky cos y k0 @e kr ky 2r 2 @r r 2r @y r r dkj 2 kr kj k0 @e ky kj cot y 2r sin y @j r r
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From expression (7.32) it follows that @r rkr ; @j ky kj @j sin y ky @y 7:33
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