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Plastics represent a large group of polymers that have a wide range of mechanical behaviors in between those of the elastomers and bers. There are two types of plastics exible plastics and rigid plastics. The exible plastics possess moderate to high degrees of crystallinity and a wide range of Tm and Tg values. They have moderate to high moduli (15,000 350,000 N cm 2 ), tensile strengths (1500 7000 N cm 2 ), and ultimate elongations (20 800%). The more typical members of this subgroup have moduli and tensile strengths in the low ends of the indicated ranges with elongations in the high end. Thus polyethylene is a typical exible plastic with a tensile strength of 2500 N cm 2 , a modulus of 20,000 N cm 2 , and an ultimate elongation of 500%. Other exible plastics include polypropene and poly(hexamethylene adipamide). Poly(hexamethylene adipamide) is used as both a ber and a exible plastic. It is a plastic when it has moderate crystallinity, while stretching converts it into a ber. Many exible plastics undergo large ultimate elongations some as large as those of elastomers. However, they differ from elastomers in that only a small portion (approximately <20%) of the ultimate elongation is reversible. The elongation of a plastic past the reversible region results in its permanent deformation, that is, the plastic will retain its elongated shape when the stress is removed. The rigid plastics are quite different from the exible plastics. The rigid plastics are characterized by high rigidity and high resistance to deformation. They have high moduli (70,000 350,000 N cm 2 ) and moderate to high tensile strengths (3000 8500 N cm 2 ), but more signi cantly, they undergo very small elongations (<0.5 3%) before rupturing. The polymers in this category are amorphous polymers with very rigid chains. The high chain rigidity is achieved in some cases by extensive crosslinking, for example, phenol formaldehyde, urea formaldehyde, and melamine formaldehyde polymers. In other polymers the high rigidity is due to bulky side groups on the polymer chains resulting in high Tg values, for example, polystyrene (Tg 100 C) and poly(methyl methacrylate) (Tg 105 C). REFERENCES
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PROBLEMS 1-1 Show by equations the overall chemical reactions involved in the synthesis of polymers from a. CH2 CH CO2H b.
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