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I know of one workaround for this problem, but it requires a workaround in the calling EXE, not the DLL This puts you in the highly unfortunate situation of fixing a DLL bug in each EXE that uses the DLL To enable a modeless form again, you must create a thread that does allow modeless forms to get the global setting back where it should be Explicit thread-creation requires an ActiveX EXE, so you can't do this in a Standard EXE Here are the steps 1 Turn the Standard EXE into an ActiveX EXE 2 In Project | Properties, set the Startup Object to Sub Main and the Threading Model to Thread per Object 3 Use the ThreadCheck class shown earlier to recognize the first thread 4 Add a MultiUse class called "Dummy" to the ActiveX EXE 5 Add the following ShowNonModal procedure to a BAS file (adjust the ProgID as appropriate) Public Sub ShowNonModal(ByVal Form As Form) If Not AppNonModalAllowed Then CreateObject "MyAppDummy" End If FormShow End Sub 6 You can now call ShowNonModal New Form1 instead of using the Show method directly You will see two limitations when you switch from a Standard EXE to a Thread-per-Object ActiveX EXE First, you can no longer have MDI Forms in your project There is no workaround for this limitation Second, you can't build UserControls into the project There is a workaround for this limitation: Use a companion ActiveX OCX project You have some work to do if you have CTL files in your project and you need to switch the EXE type I'd recommend that you first create the companion OCX, then create a dummy project with a form that contains one of each type of control Make sure binary compatibility is set for
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the OCX Now, hand-edit any FRM in the original project to switch the type of the control, using the dummy FRM file as a reference for the control names and guids This is a hassle, but is much easier in the long run than deleting and resetting each control individually Now for the good news: The App NonModalAllowed bug is fixed in the SP4 release of msvbvm60DII
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Strings in VB
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I've never encountered a VB program that didn't use strings After all, programs are designed to interact with users or to produce some other output, both of which invariably require text As more programs are written for the Internet, strings play an even bigger role in the code we write HTML, XML, and other Internet formats are very string-intensive, and they often require the generation of large strings This makes the performance of String operations central to the performance of your application This chapter looks at how VB defines and interacts with strings with the intent of increasing string performance Although I will introduce several useful helper classes, this chapter is not an attempt to provide a complete library of string functions Rather, this chapter will give you the tools to write your own highly optimized string routines
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You need to understand the underlying structure of a VB String before you can perform useful operations on it A String in VB is equivalent to a BSTR type in C or C+ + BSTR in turn is defined as a pointer to an unsigned short In practice, a
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BSTR is a length-prefixed UNICODE string with a built-in NULL terminator that is generally allocated and freed by OLE Automation (OleAut32DII) Let's break that statement down a bit A length-prefix is extra memory that is allocated with every string to store its length This size is a long value stored at the location four bytes before the value returned as the string pointer The value is equivalent to the number of bytes in the string, not including the four bytes for the length prefix and the two bytes for the NULL termination character After the length prefix comes a series of UNICODE characters, each of which take two bytes A NULL UNICODE character (two 0 bytes) finishes the BSTR The trailing NULL enables a BSTR to be used wherever a NULL-terminated string is called for The memory layout of the string "BSTR" is shown in Figure 1 4 1 The length-prefix enables a BSTR to do several things that a normal NULLterminated string cannot First, the length-prefix allows the String to be duplicated without any additional information This is especially important when strings are used in public interfaces that are used across thread or process boundaries Second, the length-prefix allows the BSTR to contain embedded NULL characters Third, the length of a BSTR is very easy to calculate The Len function, which returns the number of characters in a string, occupies a whopping total of six assembly instructions in the VB runtime LenB is even smaller, coming in at five instructions (LenB doesn't need to divide the byte count by two to get the character count) This is why, comparing Len(string) or LenB(string) with 0 is the preferred mechanism for determining whether a string contains data Comparing to "" or vbNullString generates a string-comparison call, which is much more expensive than simply reading the length from memory Dim strTest As String 'Worst test
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The memory layout of a String containing the word BSTR The String variable is a pointer to the 3 rd 2-byte slot, which holds a B (66)
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