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prevailing rates on long-term bonds that investors expected to receive. They are listed in the table, but are not included in the corresponding graph in Chart 53. COMPARISON WITH UNITED STATES BOND YIELDS Chart 53 pictures this band of December 31 yields on long British government bonds and compares them with the annual average of yields of American prime corporate bonds. Comparison with U.S. government bond yields would be preferable, but the circulation privilege before 1917, partial tax exemption from 1917 to 1941, and the frequent lack of new long-term U.S. government bond issues deprive us of a usable series for several decades. The series on prime American corporate bond yields is reasonably uniform, and the bonds included in the series were of very high quality. The comparison, however, of American corporate bond yields with the yields of the bonds of other governments, which is made throughout this part of the history, must be judged for what it is. If a comparable series of very long American government yields existed, it would average at least slightly below the yields of these American corporate bonds, as has been shown by the yield spread studies of the American market in 28. Viewed broadly, both the English and the American bond markets followed the same pattern in the twentieth century. English yields started rising in 1896, and American yields started rising in 1899. Both reached their highs in 1920 and their next lows in 1946, and both rose most of the time from 1946 to 1981, although the peak in Britain came in 1974. In both countries, therefore, there was a major bear bond market until 1920, a bull bond market from 1920 to 1946, and a second and much larger bear bond market after 1946 lasting until the 1980 s. In spite of the disruption of the international gold standard and interruptions of a smooth flow of international investment between these two countries, the trends of their bond yields were usually in the same direction. In fact, the correlation over long periods of time was much closer in the twentieth century than it was in the nineteenth century. English government bond yields started the century well below American corporate bond yields. In 1897 the low yields were 2.21% for British consols and 3.25% for American prime corporate bonds a difference of over 100 basis points. By 1900, since English yields had risen rapidly and American yields had not, the difference was down to about 50 basis points. Some such differential held for fourteen years, but in 1915 it vanished altogether. English government bond yields averaged above American corporate bond yields most of the time from 1915 to 1932. From 1932 to 1936, English yields were again lower, but after 1937 they were consistently higher until the 1980 s, when they became similar to the American yields. The differential thus has been quite variable.
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Table 59 Prices and Yields of Long-Term British Government Securities: Twentieth Century
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Table 59
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Table 59
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Table 59
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A DETAILED HISTORY OF LONG-TERM BRITISH GOVERNMENT BOND YIELDS During the sixteen years before World War I broke out, English bond yields rose most of the time. By 1907 consols yielded more than 3% for the first time since 1888. This represented a peacetime price decline of 29%, or almost half of the total decline from the highs of 1897 to the lows of 1920. By 1912, consols were down to 721 2, to yield 3.45%, a yield that had not been much exceeded since 1848, and was well above the decennial average yields of seven of the decades of the nineteenth century. The price decline from 1897 to 1912 was almost 60% of the total 1897 1920 decline, which is so often attributed largely to the war.
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