Getting a Speaking Gig at an SEO Conference in .NET

Encode DataMatrix in .NET Getting a Speaking Gig at an SEO Conference
Getting a Speaking Gig at an SEO Conference
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Speaking positions at SEO conferences are one of those catch-22 situations where people who have spoken before usually are the ones who are invited to speak. This can make it very difficult for new comers to get invites.
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The following are tactics that I have seen work for people new to speaking: Create your own niche: I have seen this work with a few different people. Cindy Krum, for example, is a very intelligent SEO who distinguished herself by being the first to focus on the Mobile SEO niche. In doing so, she made herself an authority and has been invited to speak at many conferences around the world. Build a network and use it to connect people and highlight an already existing skill set: This is the most popular way of breaking into the speaking circle. I have seen it done by many people who start out on a lot of different skill levels. The trick is to connect people who can help each other and when appropriate leverage your own skills and intellect to help those you can. Fellow marketer, Joanna Lord, an analytics and PPC expert, has used her network to connect people and earn a reputation that has gotten her many speaking positions. Work for a well known company: This tactic is harder to achieve but works extraordinarily well. I have seen people who have never spoken at conferences before break into the speaking circles by leveraging their employer and skill set to make a name for themselves. This is the tactic I used to get my first speaking position. Leverage previously acquired knowledge and pitch your own topic: Odds are you know something related to Internet Marketing. Jen Lopez is a SEO, formerly a developer, who has leveraged her development skills to present SEO concepts from the perspective of a developer. This has helped her pitches at developer and SEO conferences get accepted. Leverage a strength that can supplement SEO strategies: If you don t know much about SEO but do know a lot about another aspect of Internet Marketing, you can always try to pitch topics you do know at SEO conferences. Scott Willoughby is an e-mail marketing expert who has done well in both the SEO world and e-mail marketing by explaining complicated e-mail marketing tactics at conferences. Divulge a secret that brought great success and can be repeated: This tactic is done less regularly but when used is generally well accepted. Dennis Yu is a social media strategist who has leveraged his success with Facebook to travel the world and teach people how to use his methods to be successful. Combine an expertise outside of SEO and explain how it relates: One of the problems with SEO speakers is that they tend to know only one topic really well. You can use this to your advantage by taking a skill outside of most SEOs skill sets and explaining how it can help them do their job. Sarah Bird, a lawyer based out of Seattle, has done a great job of this by teaching SEOs about how law relates to their job.
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Pitch locally: If all else fails, you can always try to leverage your hometown. I have seen people speak at conferences simply because they have been successful SEO in the area where the conference is held.
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The SEO Pyramid and Wearing Multiple Hats
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In addition to categorizing ethics by hats, Internet marketers refer to different abilities as different hats. Someone who calls himself an SEO might wear the hat of a web developer, paid search marketer, or social media marketer. Many SEOs see their responsibilities in terms of the aptly named SEO Pyramid. (See Figure 10-1 for a graphical version of this.) Though this graphic illustrates the responsibility of a traditional SEO, it is common for Internet marketers to have overlapping skills from different niches (referred to as wearing multiple hats). These niches compliment each other and serve as building blocks for well-rounded online marketers. The job titles that follow are some of the most common niches (hats) that people in the Internet marketing industry have. Although a full explanation of the many niches in Internet marketing is beyond the scope of this book, I recommend learning as much about each of the following areas as possible so that you can execute the SEO process as illustrated in Figure 10-1 as well as the other jobs that specialize in other aspects of driving traffic online.
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