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Coming of Age
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As web search has gone more mainstream, so has SEO. It is now an established industry with large conferences and numerous professional organizations. SEO conferences, including Search Marketing Expo (SMX) and Search Engine Strategies (SES), are now held in five continents and draw audiences in the thousands. In 2009, Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) estimated that more than 2 billion dollars would be spent on SEO services within the year. In the same year, Forbes conducted a survey titled 2009 Ad Effectiveness Survey that showed that 53 percent of the senior marketing executives that participated planned to spend more than 1 million dollars on SEO services (more than any other form of Internet marketing). Major corporations have taken note and now it is common occurrence for Fortune 500 companies to hire full-time SEO teams to work in-house. Following suit, small and medium businesses are doing the same. At the time of writing, a search for SEO on the popular job finding site,, returned hundreds of results for United States companies looking to hire an SEO.
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Who Are Internet Marketers and Where Can I Find Them
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As you get to know the SEO industry more, you ll inevitably find that Internet marketing is a rather broad term that applies to a lot of people. This section describes how people use the title, Internet Marketer, and how you can get involved with other marketers in your community. Remember, there is always a lot that you do not know about the Internet. Expanding your network is the best way to ensure that you have the resources you need when you find out they are necessary.
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Understanding the Differing Views on SEO
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Internet Marketer in the context of a job title can mean a lot of things. Just as a teacher can specialize in any one of many subjects (history, mathematics, science, and so on), an Internet Marketer can specialize in specific areas of online marketing (SEO, PPC, Affiliate, Analytics, and so on). In practice, this broad title can apply to anyone who tries to drive traffic to a given website. As you can imagine, this leaves a lot of room for interpretation.
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Black Hat vs. White Hat
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Just like offline industries, Internet Marketing has its own unique code of conduct. We describe this on a scale going from black hat (sneaky marketers who use tactics clearly against the search engine guidelines) to white hat (marketers who follow the search engine guidelines word for word). Most people in the industry fall between these two extremes in an area people call gray hat. To rank highly for the web s most competitive terms (pornography, prescription drugs, and gambling related), it is virtually essential to use black hat methods. These generally include manipulative link building tricks like parasite hosting (hosting content on a website without the permission of the site s owner), link farms (networks of websites built solely for the purpose of building links), content cloaking (showing one set of content to your visitors and another set to search engines), and other sneaky strategies. These marketers are typically less involved with their community partly because of the necessity to keep what they are doing a secret. Due to the competitiveness of their industry niche, they tend to be some of the most profitable marketers. They usually work against the grain of the search engines by focusing on finding loopholes and tricks to outsmart them. White hat marketers work with the grain of search engines by following their guidelines and implementing long-term strategies. In my experience, I have never met an Internet Marketer who abides 100 percent by the search engine guidelines. As a result, the people who are identified as white hats in the industry are the ones who follow the guidelines the vast majority of the time. In my experience, the guidelines these marketers break are related to buying links and scraping search engine result pages. These
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marketers are often active in their industry niche communities and many times do very well financially with consulting for large corporations who are looking for long-term online marketing strategies.
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