Unique Content for Product Copy in .NET

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Unique Content for Product Copy
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Sites that sell products that they don t manufacture often fall into the trap of using the exact same catalog copy that the manufacturer recommends for a particular product. This results in tens (or even hundreds) of catalog-based sites using the exact same on-page copy to market specific products. You can do better. And if you want more search engine attention, you need to. If you print the exact same copy as 100 other sites, you re leaving your rankings up to other variables, like the footprint and authority of your site against those other 99 sites. Consider the folks at a site like woot.com and its hilarious narrative that surrounds its products. And the grand dame of products, Amazon.com, with its hundreds of user reviews discussing every facet of a product from unboxing to warranties. Unique, engaging content draws links (not to mention viral passalong), and links draw algorithmic benefit. It s really that simple.
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User Experience
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If a user can t navigate or understand a website, its potential is extinguished.
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Usability and user experience are as important to the success of a webpage as search engine rankings.
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Why Is This Section Necessary
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This section is important because it covers the human side of SEO that many clients forget to address. The experience of the user on a website is the main characteristic that determines whether a user will buy a product. For this reason, this section is necessary in this report.
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How Do You Do the Analysis for This Section
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The analysis of this section is based on my experience while navigating the site. This is covered in detail in 2.
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What Are the Common Suggestions You Make in This Section
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Most of my suggestions for this section of the report are based on my initial reactions after loading the applicable webpage. This brief second is the key moment when users will decide if they want to continue onto the given website or click Back and look at a different search result.
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Design Quality
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I find that many people underestimate the importance of web design when it comes to ranking well. It is true that actual graphical design is not likely directly quantified by the search engine algorithms, but its secondary effects are certainly important rankings. Design makes an impact on whether or not someone is going to trust content. Trust is a major factor when someone decides if they want to rank to a given piece of content. For this reason, I commonly include some notes on how well designed I believe a given page to be.
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User Experience
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User experience is extremely complicated. For this section I usually simplify it by making some bulleted action items that are based on some obvious user experience problems. These generally include making text more readable (spacing and color),
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directing the flow of the user as they navigate the website, and creating custom experiences for first-time users.
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Link Building Opportunities
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In this section I cover ways that the client can build links based on the content they already have.
Why Is This Section Necessary
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This section is important because it shows clients how to leverage their current assets to build more links and thus get higher search engine rankings and ultimately sell more products. I have heard many SEOs complain that link building is the hardest part of SEO. Though I think this can be true, I don t think it needs to be. When you already have something link worthy all you need is to get it in front of the right type of people to earn easy links. This section helps explain how to craft content to do this.
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How Do You Do the Analysis for This Section
To do the analysis for this section I use SEOmoz s Open Site Explorer. This tool gives me all of the link information I need for the client s website along with its competitors.
What Are the Common Suggestions You Make in This Section
This section is broken down into two categories chosen to help the client understand their own link profile.
Current Inbound Link Types
The most common suggestion I make in this section is to improve inbound anchor text. The most common anchor text for a website is almost always its domain name and its brand name. This is helpful for making it rank for those terms but not for better converting terms.
Competitive websites need to leverage their link building abilities by diversifying their link profiles (multiple keywords) and focusing their energies on anchor text that will help them rank for well converting keywords.