Review of Robots.txt in .NET

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Review of Robots.txt
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In this section I recommend that the client use meta robots instead of robots.txt and provide advice on each entry in the text file. See the section Blocking Pages from Search Engines in 6 for more information on this.
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Server Response Codes
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Most clients that I talked to did not understand the various HTTP status codes. I use this section to define common problematic status codes and offer suggestions on how to fix them. Specifically I recommend converting 302 redirects to 301 redirects and either redirect pages that return a 404 response code or make them a better tool for helping users find what they are looking for.
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Site Canonicalization
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Site canonicalization is a very common problem that causes webpages on the same domain to needlessly compete with each other. This topic is covered in full in 6 in the sections Rel Canonical Link Element and 301 Redirects.
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Use of Sitemap Files
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The most common situation I see with clients with big websites is that they already have XML sitemaps and update them weekly. This is the recommended best practice if it is not in place; I recommend adhering to it.
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When clients don t have a sitemap, I recommend they add one. They will likely see an initial boost in search engine referred traffic followed by a traffic level lower than the spike of that initial boost but higher than pre-sitemap traffic.
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Duplicate Content Issues
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Most of the duplicate content problems I see are caused by canonicalization issues. Because these are usually easier to fix than other types of duplicate content issues (stolen content, URL parameters, frames, and so on) I focus on these and recommend 301 redirects and rel canonical when appropriate.
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Crawling Problems
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Crawling problems generally come in five types: plug-ins, forms, images, JavaScript navigation, and robot blocking. In this section I cover each of these when applicable and suggest alternatives.
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Individual Section Reviews
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This section does in-depth analysis of the major sections of the given website.
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Duplication, Crawling Obstacles, and Faulty Index Counts
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The combination of duplicate content and crawling obstacles can result in engines showing index counts that are misleadingly close to the number of true pages on your site. I recently reviewed an inventory-heavy auto parts site with severe pagination-based crawling obstacles, yet the SKU pages that were indexed each had between two and four duplicates. T ogether, these two problems combined to allow engines to index a number of pages that was suspiciously close to what the client believed the true page count was. So beware of numbers that look correct until you ve had a chance to dive deeply into the specific of what is and is not indexed.
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Why Is This Section Necessary
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This section is important because it directly covers the most important sections of the given website. It makes specific recommendations on how to better optimize the on-page factors of these pages. This is both actionable and impactful.
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How Do You Do the Analysis for This Section
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When writing this section I rely on the analysis I did before starting the report and dive deeper into each major section. As I am writing up the section analysis, I spend time surfing the given section and looking for SEO problems. I put most of my emphasis on on-page factors because they are easiest to spot when doing this kind of analysis.
CROSSREF See the sections 10-Foot View and 1-Foot View in
2 for information on what to look for while writing this section.
What Are the Common Suggestions You Make in This Section
In this section I review the title tag, meta description, meta keywords URL, and keyword usage of each major section of the given website.
In many ways homepages are the anchor of websites. They are almost always are the most linked-to page and as such are the most important from an information hierarchy and link juice point of view. My most common suggestions for homepages are related to keyword targeting. Homepages should directly target the main keyword of the website in all of their major on-page factors.
Category Pages
Category pages are the forks in webpage navigation. They should be clear in their focus (specific categories rather than broad ideas) and target this keyword in all of their most important on-page SEO factors. The most common problem I see with category pages is that they are not linked to from their parent (for example, homepage) and child pages (either product pages or subcategory pages depending on the height of the category system). This is a problem because it stunts the flow of link juice and makes it more difficult for users to navigate the website.