Parameter-Driven URLs in .NET

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Parameter-Driven URLs
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Oftentimes SEOs run into a situation where they are forced to work with parameter-driven URLs (for example, URLs like param=1¶m=2). When this happens, it is best to follow my advice in this section to ensure that the search engines can accurately crawl the given website.
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Best Practice
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I don t recommend using this URL structure. If it is absolutely necessary (due to something like an established CMS configuration) I recommend no more than two parameters.
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The search engines have been very clear on this. Their crawlers can parse and crawl parameter-driven URLs, but it is more difficult and often leads to duplicate content issues. This is backed up by SEOmoz correlation data, which showed that pages with static URLs tend to rank higher.
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NOTE Unlike 10 years ago, parameter-based URLs themselves aren t necessarily a problem. The problem is the issues that frequently appear alongside them duplication based on parameter order within the URL, capitalization style, and so on. If you re invested in a parameter-based URL structure, it s not necessarily time to raise the white flag, but it is very smart to give your site a regular and thorough audit to ensure that it s not generating multiple URLs for each chunk of content on the site.
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Footer Links
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Footer links are hyperlinks that are included at the bottom of webpages. They are often a hot topic for the SEO community and frequently spammed as they are not as important to user experience as other more prominent links on a page. My advice on this topic is very clear and has not changed very much in the past.
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Best Practice
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Use footer links sparingly. I recommend no more than 25 relevant internal (and in some cases, external) navigational links. This number is not a hard limit and it is important to be mindful of intent when choosing keywords. Notice, for example, that the footer of links to all the sites within the Gawker Media family. This is a perfectly legitimate use of cross-linking within a footer. It follows along the lines of If you liked X, you might also like Y. When the number of links in the footer increases significantly, however, and the anchor text starts to look a little too optimized (such as payday loans and Seattle attorneys ) and points to sites totally unrelated to the site on which they re sitting, it s probably time to reassess how the footer links are used.
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I have seen many examples of Google penalties tied directly to abusive footer links (that magically lifted upon removal of footer links stuffed with keywords). Manipulative links in footers are easily detected algorithmically, and appear to have automated penalties applied to them by Google.
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This chapter discussed SEO best practices that are based on experience in the field, testing, and client results. Y can see the latest research in ou this area at That said, some of the big ideas in this chapter won t likely change for a long time. These include: The key to on-page SEO is making the page as relevant to a given query as possible. Ensure that there are no obstacles to engines seeing your content the way they should. For the best long-term strategies, SEOs should avoid tactics that they wouldn t share directly with search engine representatives.
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Building relevant and strong links is the most important thing you can do for a website. If you follow these four rules, you will be an effective SEO for years to come.
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7 The SEO Consulting Process
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In This
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Selling the client your services Establishing price points Seeing different deliverables
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As an SEO consultant, your actual person-to-person communication will take up only a small portion of your time but will be the factor that makes or breaks your business. This chapter outlines the SEO consulting process, one that I have used at SEOmoz and in my private business. The chapter is formatted like a framework to enable you to customize it to your needs. This chapter will not answer all of your questions (not even close), but it can give you the tools you need to be a successful consultant.
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