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Meta Description
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Meta descriptions are the free advertisements webmasters get to include when their search results are included in a SERP. They should be optimized and tested just like traditional advertisements.
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Best Practice
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Meta descriptions are not directly used by the search engines to establish rankings. This means they are most helpful to webmasters when written like ads to entice clicks rather than for search engines to aid rankings. This description is often done poorly by big clients. Notice in Figure 6-3 that the New Y Times has a compelling meta description for the term ork United Nations while the United Nation s official website does a poor job (Figure 6-4).
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Figure 6-3: The New York Times search result for United Nations with a
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good meta description
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Figure 6-4: Official United Nations search result for English query United
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Nations. This is a bad example because the meta description is in a foreign language and doesn t adhere to SEO best practices.
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Other common mistakes with meta descriptions include keyword spamming (including a given keyword an unreasonable amount of times), misspellings, grammar mistakes, and odd capitalization.
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Although meta descriptions are not used for ranking purposes by any of the major engines, they are an important place to use keywords due to the bolding that occurs in the visual snippet of the search results. Usage has also been shown to help boost click-through rates, which in turn increases the traffic derived from any ranking position. Y ou ve gone to significant effort to optimize your site structure, URLs, on-page content, and titles, so don t throw away all that work by creating a poor description that will cause users to turn away when they see your page on the SERP.
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HTML Headings (H1 H6)
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When HTML was first designed as a markup language for presenting information online, headings were essential for information hierarchy. As the Web has evolved, their impact has weakened because HTML was used in ways that it was not originally designed for.
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Best Practice
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Although HTML headings are still useful for human readers (think blog
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titles), they are no longer strong signals for search engines.
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Though they aren t strong signals, they re still signals. Optimization means taking every chance to convey your content goals to engines, so if creating an Hx structure is no more difficult than otherwise organizing your on-page content, use them.
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Google s Matt Cutts has warned against overdoing it when it comes to using H1 paragraphs too heavily ( v=GIn5qJKU8VM).
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Meta Descriptions and Relevance
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It s hard to believe, but as the SEO, not everything on the SERP is about you. The meta description is one good example. It does nothing for your ranking; instead, it s entirely for the user. Yet despite the description s lack of ranking influence, you re just as compelled to craft it carefully and diligently. While engines typically pull the meta description to use as the descriptive snippet on a SERP, they aren t obligated to do so. There are several reasons that Google might not use the meta description as snippet text: The page does not have a meta description. If this is the case, the solution is simple: Write one. The page has a meta description, but it does not contain any of the words from the search query. Because its goal is to show correlation between the user s query and the ranked URLs, Google wants to use the descriptive snippet to show the user how the page answers the query. Often, if the meta description does not contain any of the terms found in the query, Google will pull small chunks of copy from various locations around the page that do contain the query text, such as headings, navigation, and body copy. This often leads to a very disjointed snippet, so it s imperative to include your targeted phrases in the meta description. T describe your home page, Google has historically used o descriptive data found elsewhere, such as the page s introductory paragraph or the or Yahoo Directory description of the site. You can t tell engines what text they must use for the descriptive snippet, but you can do the next best thing tell them what text they cannot use. T tell engines that they o cannot use descriptive text from (the Open Directory Project, or ODP) or Yahoo s Directory (YDIR), insert the following code line in the <head> section of your home page.
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